Epic IGDA Finland November Gathering with Supercell!

On November 8th something historical happened. IGDA Finland Gathering was organized together with Supercell and if something is hot in Finnish game industry, it’s gotta be Supercell! What was historical was the record audience! Supercell attracted nearly 300 partygoers to Cuba bar and made us to consider whether we should be moving to a bigger place! Thumbs up! Evening started with IGDA Finland Presentations session at MJK Auditorium just around the corner. Ilkka Paanenen, CEO of Supercell, gave a presentation of the company, Gunshine.net and company's upcoming titles. Session was quickly fully booked and the rest had to wait until Cuba bar to hear what's going on at Supercell. The bar was packed throughout the night. Mikko Kodisoja, Creative Director of Supercell, gave a presentation of their upcoming titles. What I heard, people would have loved to spend several seconds more per project. Impressive art! Clearly lots of quality titles in the pipeline. Supercell also announced their upcoming game Pets vs Orcs. To celebrate that they offered pink and green snaps to the brave ones who took their photo in front of Supercell logo wall. Supercell was generous enough to offer drink coupons also for those who didn’t take part in the photo shoot. IGDA Finland November Gathering together with Supercell was relaxed, record breaking and super fun night. One of those epic IGDA Finland nights that will be remembered for sure.

Uutiskirje 11/2011

Suomalainen pelitaide esillä DeviantART-sivustollaJoukko IGDA:n kautta verkostoituneita pelitaiteilijoita on perustanut graafikko Sami Marschin johdolla ryhmän DeviantART-taidesivustolle. Tarkoituksena on edesauttaa pelinkehittäjien verkoston kehittymistä ja tarjota keskitetty paikka, josta löytyy motivoituneita suomalaisia tekijöitä.

Rimelandsin jääkausi tulee myös PC:lle Suomessa osataan mobiilipelien teko – tästä esimerkkinä vaikkapa tamperelainen Dicework Games, joka ylsi Develop-lehden huippustudioiden listalle vain kahden pelin jälkeen. Nyt Diceworkilla valmistellaan Rimelands: Hammer of Thorin PC-versiota.

Fantastecin Polar Heroes -pelimaailma avaa ovensa marraskuussa Oulussa ja Helsingissä toimivalla Fantastec Oy:llä on tiedossa kiireinen marraskuu, sillä studio julkaisee kuun puolivälissä Polar Heroes -pelimaailmansa. Kyseessä on ns. edutainment-peli, jonka tavoitteena on paitsi viihdyttää myös opettaa lapsia.

LudoCraft ja robottien työrytmi Oululainen LudoCraft julkaisi lokakuun lopulla ensimmäisen mobiilipelinsä, RoboFonicsin. iOS- ja Android-alustoille julkaistu RoboFonics on humoristinen rytmipeli, jonka valloittavat robottihahmot luotiin jo vuosia sitten.

ManseGames nostaa Tamperetta pelialan kartalle Peliala on Suomessa kovassa kasvussa, ja Tampereella kasvua vauhdittaa vuoden 2010 lopulla perustettu ManseGames-hanke. Laaja-alaisesti pelialan toimijoita tukeva ManseGames onkin esimerkki siitä, miten uutta alaa kehitetään järjestelmällisesti.

IGDA November Gathering with Supercell!

Finnish game industry is super hot and Supercell is even hotter! If you want to know what's cooking at the Supercell HQ, join the presentation and pub night at Cuba on November the 8th. The event starts at 6PM with a presentation by Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen at MJK auditorium. Ilkka will share some insights what Supercell is about to do next. There is room for the first 73 - better hurry hurry! And for the rest of the crowd: see you at the Cuba bar. Pub night starts at 7PM with special program. First of all, we'll have mega-sized Supercell logo that definitely should be amongst 7 wonders of the world! The first-ever public viewing of one of the Supercell's upcoming games will also happen at Cuba because Supercell <3 IGDA Finland! The news pair well with Super-drinks offered by the company. Sweet!

Mark the date and join us for what will for sure be an amazing time!

IGDA Finland Presentations venue is sponsored by Sulake.

Presentation Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 6PM Place: MJK auditorium, Iso Roobertinkatu 20-22 Register: http://igdasupercell.eventbrite.com/

IGDA Finland November Gathering Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 7PM Cuba Bar, Erottaja 4, Helsinki Finland

November Gathering - Tuesday 13th

Greetings! It's that funky time of the month again! This time we will be packing the house full again with he help of Recoil Games sponsoring drink tickets and snacks for the first ones to arrive. Recoil Games will be presenting some concept art in the gathering from their upcoming next-gen action-adventure game "Earth No More"! Enough said, see you there! Remember, doors open at 19.00 sharp!

*IGDA FINLAND NOVEMBER GATHERING* Place: System Rock, Keskuskatu 4, 00100 Helsinki (map: http://igda.fi/?page_id=5) Time: Tuesday 13th November, doors open at 19.00

Recoil Games was established a year ago and since then we have come a long way. The development of "Earth No More" - a next-gen original IP action-adventure game - together with 3D Realms Entertainment has proceeded extremely well. We thought this would be a perfect time for us to show our friends in the Finnish games industry what we have been up to. But don't expect to see screenshots; we're not there yet :)

-Miikka Luotio, Chapter Coordinator