Epic IGDA Finland November Gathering with Supercell!

On November 8th something historical happened. IGDA Finland Gathering was organized together with Supercell and if something is hot in Finnish game industry, it’s gotta be Supercell! What was historical was the record audience! Supercell attracted nearly 300 partygoers to Cuba bar and made us to consider whether we should be moving to a bigger place! Thumbs up! Evening started with IGDA Finland Presentations session at MJK Auditorium just around the corner. Ilkka Paanenen, CEO of Supercell, gave a presentation of the company, Gunshine.net and company's upcoming titles. Session was quickly fully booked and the rest had to wait until Cuba bar to hear what's going on at Supercell. The bar was packed throughout the night. Mikko Kodisoja, Creative Director of Supercell, gave a presentation of their upcoming titles. What I heard, people would have loved to spend several seconds more per project. Impressive art! Clearly lots of quality titles in the pipeline. Supercell also announced their upcoming game Pets vs Orcs. To celebrate that they offered pink and green snaps to the brave ones who took their photo in front of Supercell logo wall. Supercell was generous enough to offer drink coupons also for those who didn’t take part in the photo shoot. IGDA Finland November Gathering together with Supercell was relaxed, record breaking and super fun night. One of those epic IGDA Finland nights that will be remembered for sure.