Event Calendar

Missing events? Want to see your own event here (IGDA or not)? Help us add it!


Local Gatherings

Our most important activities are monthly gatherings organised by local hubs all over Finland that pull in hundreds of developers every month. This is the core around which IGDA Finland was originally formed and remains as the cornerstone of everything we do. Nowadays we often have various seminars or presentations from international speakers and sponsors before actual gatherings.

Everyone interested in the Finnish game development community is welcome to join. Entrance is always free and does not require an IGDA membership.


Want to attend a gathering?

Great! Visit our list of local hubs to see if there's activity near you and how they like to broadcast their upcoming events.

In the future we might have an automated list of upcoming events but hey, it's not the future yet!

Want to help organise or sponsor a gathering?

Double the great! Please consult the list of local hubs and contact the lead from your area. When in doubt you can also contact our board of directors and we'll help you out.


Special Events

In addition to local gatherings we also organise and/or collaborate with various big national (and sometimes international!) events like conferences. This is completely case-by-case but examples include organising free busses for hubs to travel to Pocket Gamer Connect, hosting the Umbra Ignite developer conference and co-organising the Finnish Game Awards among many things.


Have an event and want to spread it to IGDA Finland community?

We can do that! As long as the event furthers our missions statement we'd be happy to spread the message especially if we can arrange some perks to IGDA members. Please email our current board of directors and we'll figure out what are the best next steps.

Want IGDA Finland to help co-organise an event with you?

We should talk. Have a look at our collaboration page to see how we can help and who to contact.


House Rules for Events

1. An evening of fun for everyone

Whether you are a developer, researcher or potential new talent, you are warmly welcome! This event offers everyone a chance to meet each other in a friendly, cheerful atmosphere.

IGDA membership is not required to attend our regular events. However, membership is encouraged and those with a valid membership card may get special perks. Sometimes we might limit special event attendance to members only due to venue restrictions or other pressing reasons.

Since the meets usually take place in restaurants and bars, all attendees must be over 18 years old. Younger visitors are very welcome when the venue accommodates it!

2. Recruitment takes place elsewhere

Please remember that IGDA Finland chapter meets are not recruitment fairs.

As a sign of an active, commercially viable local game industry, we appreciate all companies that have industry related jobs to offer. If you happen to meet someone who really wants to discuss a job opportunity with your company, you can always exchange business cards and talk on a later date.

We appreciate it if you post your job openings to http://gamesjobs.fi/.

3. Photography

These rules apply to photographs taken by the IGDA Finland volunteers during events. Our intent is to take some photos that could be put on this website and posted on social media after events.

a) If the photo shows a crowd and portrays general atmosphere, it will be taken and published without asking for permission beforehand. Individuals will not be named in associated caption texts without permission. Subjects may remain anonymous if they wish.

b) If you notice you are in a picture that has been published and want it removed, simply notify the chapter team at webmaster@igda.fi and it will be removed. No questions asked.

c) If we have a featured speaker, possible photographing & publishing of pictures of the presentation will be agreed upon together with the speaker.