IGDA Finland Summer Party with Supercell


Who cares if it rains in July, when the biggest, sweetest, awesomest party of the year is coming in August.

That´s right! Our Summer Party with Supercell was such a blast last year, we decided to do it again!

Make sure to join us and bid the summer farewell with friends and fun times.

See you in a few weeks!

IGDA Finland Summer Party with Supercell
Time: 16.08.2016 at 18:00
Place: Maxine, Urho Kekkosen katu 1 A, 6th floor, 00100 Helsinki

Please note that you need to be at least 18 years old to attend.

IGDA Summer Party with Supercell – The Aftermath

What a night! We broke a visitor count record by reaching 556 sign-ins during the evening – and judging by the smiling faces in the crowd, people had a great time too. The weather was definitely appropriate for the occasion as well: a beautiful summery sunset was more than we could hope for in August. Thank you Supercell for sponsoring and helping us make this event happen!

Photos by Janne Karvinen.

IGDA Finland Summer Party with Supercell


Greetings, developers! Finnish weather has been more about cold rain than hot beaches this year – lucky us for being gamers, knowing what to do when venturing into the outside world is not an option.

As hinted earlier when we announced the fall season gathering dates, we have a special surprise today: IGDA Finland has teamed up with Supercell to bring you THE summer party of the year! We all know it: winter is coming. You wouldn’t want to face it unprepared, so join us as we enjoy the last stretch of summer and make some more warm memories to get us through the long and cold darkness ahead of us. See you in August!

IGDA Finland Summer Party with Supercell
Time: 18.08.2015 at 19:00
Place: Maxine, Urho Kekkosen katu 1 A, 6th floor, 00100 Helsinki

Please note that you need to be at least 18 years old to attend.

Games First Helsinki 2015 & IGDA Finland May Gathering


Hundreds of game devs flocked to Cable Factory on Tuesday, May 12, as Games First 2015 took place. The event, hosted once again by Supercell, consisted of hours of talks and lots of good times with like-minded industry professionals. Sufficient supplies of coffee, candy and cola kept the spirits high throughout the day and when the clock hit 7 PM we were treated to some delicious drinks while mingling.


The day started with veteran game designer Rob Pardo offering his insight on designing multiplayer games. He’s had his hands on major Blizzard titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo series, Starcraft and Hearthstone so obviously we were quite thrilled to hear what he had to say on the topic.

Pardo’s talk was followed by Karoliina Korppoo’s presentation on the hugely successful Cities: Skylines. As the lead designer of the game she told us a bit of how it all came together and why it became a Steam blockbuster.


In the afternoon Thomas Puha took us down the memory lane as we were shown some of the defining moments in Finnish gaming history. Looking through the slides it was an excellent reminder that we’ve got a great thing going on here!

The last but not least presentation was held by Chief Pat and Galadon, two of the most renowned Clash of Clans YouTubers. They spoke about the mutually beneficial relationship game companies and YouTubers can have; about why it’s good for both parties and how to get the community excited and creating content about your game.


After all the talks were done it was time for the grand finale: a few dozen studios from Finland and around the world showed what they were working on in 3-minute pitches. The pitching sessions included a very wide array of different types of games in terms of genre – platform-wise the trend was clearly more focused on mobile devices.

The day was brought to an end by a feast appropriate to the festive spirit of the event. With bellies full from the delicious dinner everyone was ready to rock in a true afterparty fashion, and I believe I can say on behalf of all guests: thank you Supercell for another awesome event and we hope there’s many more to come!


Reminder: Last chance for Games First after party access!

If you still haven't joined IGDA Finland ry and want to join us for May Gathering and Games First 2015 after party on Tuesday, today is your last chance to register as a member! Join before midnight today (May 10, 2015, 23:59 EEST) and your access is ensured. Registrations any later than the deadline are not guaranteed to make it to the name list, so to make sure your entry to the event is hassle-free we recommend becoming a member sooner rather than later. See you on Tuesday!

IGDA Finland May Gathering & Games First After Party hosted by Supercell

GF15_Logo_Black Oh my, it’s once again the time for one fabulous night in Helsinki with IGDA. This time the gathering is merged with the Games First After Party at Kaapelitehdas hosted by Supercell.

Because this is obviously one of the most popular industry events of the year and we expect a massive amount of visitors, the gathering is only open for IGDA members and Games First guests this time. This is our way of giving a special thank-you treat to our members for your support, so remember to take your IGDA membership cards with you and show them at the door.

Don't forget that studio affiliate members are included in this invite as well! Moreover, if you are a member and haven't received your membership card yet (or join before the event!), there will be a name list at the door to make sure you won't get left out.

Welcome to Merikaapelihalli, see you there next week!

IGDA Finland May Gathering Time: 12.5.2015 at 19:00 Location: Kaapelitehdas, Merikaapelihalli, Door M1, Tammasaarenlaituri 5, Helsinki, Finland

IGDA Finland December Gathering with Supercell

It's that time of the year again, folks! The December Gathering wraps up the year with another pre-Christmas party sponsored by the always awesome Supercell! This will be an event you don't want to miss, so come and join us as we bid 2014 farewell with style. The event will take place on December 9, 2014.

We also have good news regarding Adams Club: the renovations at our venue are now finished, and due to the transformation they are now called El Jefe. Drop by and you'll see why!

IGDA Finland December Gathering Time: 09.12.2014 at 19:00 Place: El Jefe, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

As usual, the cloakroom service is offered free of charge on behalf of El Jefe. The event is limited to adults only.

IGDA Finland May Gathering with Supercell

Thank you everyone, that was a super fun gathering in Adams with a loud crowd and hundreds of happy faces! So a big thanks to our generous sponsor – Supercell!

On the stage we had a short presentation where Supercell introduced Reaktor, the company who is behind the Hello World Open.

Reaktor presented The Story behind the exciting competition. Originally the company had a coding competition called Pong camp in 2012, which was so much fun that they decided to organize a national coding competition in Finland, the first Hello World Open. It was a massive success, and this year they are going global and organizing the competition together with Supercell! The original reason was to have fun and make coding sexy, as well as teach programming for children. In 2014 they also organized programming schools for kids in Finland.

Hello World Open finals are held on June 10 in Helsinki. Check out more in helloworldopen.com.

After presentations the evening continued as always with music, drinks and mingling. Dear reader, make note: the last gathering before the summer break is in June, so keep your eyes open and see you next time in Adams!

IGDA Finland May Gathering with Supercell



Fantastic, the spring is here and soon it’s time for another exciting IGDA Finland Gathering in Club Adams! We are super happy to announce that in May our guest of honor and generous sponsor is the amazing Supercell, so see you in Erottajankatu!

The May gathering also counts as the the kick-off event for the Hello World Open semi-finals! For the past seven days, the world’s best coders have been working on the toughest coding challenge on the planet. On May 6th, we’re excited to mark the start of the three qualifying rounds to crown the first-ever world champions of coding! The championship finals will be held live right here in Helsinki on June 10th. Read more at www.helloworldopen.com.

IGDA Finland May Gathering Time: 06.05.2014 at 19:00 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

As usual, the cloakroom service is offered free of charge on behalf of Club Adams.

December Gathering with Supercell

Things are getting heated in the Finnish game industry and one of the hottest companies in town is throwing Christmas party with us: Supercell!

New console generation is just around the corner and another year is upon us, which makes December Gathering the best place to meet up and reflect on the awesome past year. Supercell will make sure that you won't get thirsty while thinking! So come join us in the Club Adams for the most Super Christmas party this year with IGDA Finland and Supercell and lets ready ourselves for the year 2014. See you there!

IGDA Finland December Gathering & Christmas Party Time: 10.12.2013 at 19.00 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

Games track on Nov 13th, Slush

Slush Games track will occupy the Black Stage on November 13th. Check out the Games track program.

At 11:30am 10 mobile game startups will hit the stage. Each one will have one lesson to share with the crowd from the first leg of their journey. After the learnings we'll involve Kristian Segerståle and Aki Järvilehto into the discussion. What will these two experienced game developers / business leaders have to say to the startups?

The startups: Gajatri Studios (Tiina), Headnought Games (Pauli), PlayRaven (Lasse), Fat Lemon Games (Jani), Rival Games (Jukka), Boomlagoon (Antti), Small Giant Games (Markus), Nonstop Games (Juha), Tuliotus (Sami) and SongHi (Daniel).


Other gaming related events during Slush:

- Facebook's "Getting started with Parse ­- the new way to build" workshop at the Slush Basement on November 13th - 11:00am - 1.45pm. Facebook will organise four 20 minute sessions in a row. No pre-registration needed.

The workshop will focus on: - User acquisition using Facebook's Mobile App Ads - Growing your game using Facebook's social channels - Cross platform social integration with Unity

- Neogames & IGDA Finland game industry mingle at 5pm White Stage - meet other investors, publishers and developers. Snacks and drinks available.

- Official Slush party on November 13th from 9pm onwards

- Women in Games networking event on November 14th, at 5pm (Teatterimuseo)

How our new Industry Partner AWS can help Finnish game studios to grow?

IGDA Finland has recently got fabulous new Studio Affiliates like Frogmind, Kuuasema and Housemarque. Also Amazon Web Services, G-Cluster and Lexia have joined as Industry Partners. Welcome! Amazon Web Services (AWS) has witnessed several game industry success stories. That's why we decided to have a chat with the AWS guys to learn what type of business growth tips they can give to Finnish game studios.

When it comes to cloud computing, there's no bigger name than Amazon Web Services (AWS). Most likely every relevant Facebook and mobile game developer knows and uses / has used AWS. How big AWS actually is?

AWS: We have hundreds of thousands of customers in over 190 countries and among those customers we have a significant number of gaming customers leveraging AWS. Customers like Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Supercell and Sega all take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of AWS technology. For game developers AWS offers a comprehensive set of development tools and services that make it faster and easier for developers to build, deploy, distribute, scale, analyze, and monetize successful games.

Why you decided to become an IGDA Finland's Industry Partner?

AWS: We want to support the Finnish game developer community to help them become more successful in their game development efforts. Leveraging AWS services has helped companies like Supercell, Rovio, and Grand Cru to focus on game development instead of setting up and managing the infrastructure.

More concretely, how can AWS help Finnish game development studios to grow? AWS: Game development is part science and part art. Developers strive to deliver compelling entertaining experiences for users but never really know how successful their game will be until they actually launch it. A big question that a game developer must address is how to prepare for game success or even failure? For a Social Game the number of players can be unpredictable; for some games the number increases rapidly and then drops again. To cope with the rapid growth anticipated with their most popular games Monster World, Diamond Dash and Bubble Island, Wooga turned to Amazon Web Services. With AWS Wooga (link to the case study) could scale easily to meet their peak demands. On the flip side, when the peak was met and the game dropped back to a steady state they were able to scale back the number of servers they were using just as easily and all without the headache of acquiring and managing their own physical infrastructure.

Amazon focuses on five things:

1) Pricing - always looking for ways to drive down costs for customers. When Sega’s Online Operation team was looking for a new home for their public websites, AWS was the obvious answer. Once migration on to AWS was complete, Sega noted a cost reduction in server costs of 50%.

2) Flexibility – Game developers are innovators. They are always looking for new ways to bring compelling entertainment in the form of games to users and as such need the flexibility to stitch together infrastructure as they see fit. Sony’s Naughty Dog Game Studio (link to the case study), maker of the popular Uncharted Series, looked to AWS to support them with Uncharted 3’s online multiplayer features and noted that the ability to have low level access to AWS’ powerful services meant that they are never in a position where there is something they can’t do.

3) Rapid Provisioning – With AWS Auto Scaling game developers know that they can programmatically increase the number of servers they use to meet user demand. This means that they can provision only as much as they need to get started and as the game grows in popularity they can scale to meet demand. In addition, they can scale back down when the demand decreases to a steady state.

4) Focus on the game – AWS enables game developers to focus on what they love, building great games, while AWS handles the undifferentiated heavy lifting of core infrastructure.

5) Rapid Growth and Scale – game developers can be confident that there are always resources available to support the rapid growth when a game becomes a hit. Take for example the Finnish-based game developer, Supercell, that successfully launched Hay Day and Clash of Clans in 2012. Since then Supercell's player base has reached over 8.5 million daily players and to manage their infrastructure they use AWS. The AWS services are important for Supercell to manage the rapid growth of their server usage and keep their players happy.

Amazon has done lots of case studies, including many Finnish game industry super stars: take a look at the Amazon case studies to learn more. Just to highlight some, check out Rovio and Supercell case study.

Join IGDA Finland November 12th Gathering to meet with Amazon guys in person.

Peter Molyneux in Helsinki on 19th of June - Free2Play gaming summit

From developers - for developers:IGDA Finland, Neogames, and Supercell have joined forces to launch a new free-to-play gaming summit in Helsinki called Free Your Play.

The one-day event will be held on June 19 and will feature a keynote by Peter Molyneux.

Apply for a ticket.

Pocket Gamer's Mobile Mixer in Helsinki 23rd April

Pocket Gamer has teamed up with Neogames and the IGDA Finland with support from Cocoa China and Papaya Mobile, to organize Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer in Helsinki. Pocket Gamer's Mobile Mixers unite the greatest minds and freshest faces in the world of mobile games development with a heady mixture of presentations, panels, and networking - all gently lubricated with a little complimentary booze.

The Program

Doors Open (5pm)

Welcome - Chris James, MD - Pocket Gamer

Market Spotlight: China Cocoa China's US GM Lei Zhang, explains why it makes sense to look East right now!

Market Spotlight: Russia Nevosoft's Business Development Director, Julia Lebedeva points out that one of the fastest growing app markets is right on your doorstep Acquisition & Monetisation Panel: The hottest topics relating to recruiting users and making money discussed with industry luminaries. Chris Hanage, GM - Papaya Mobile Tommy Palm, Mobile Guru - King Thorbjörn Warin, CMO - Grand Cru Jon Jordan, Editor at Large - PocketGamer.Biz

Recruitment Focus Looking to advance your career? Look no further. Rovio Unity Grey Area Supercell AppCampus

Battle Panel - Big Vs Small Is it better to stay small, nimble and retain full creative control or do you need to think big to survive in the increasingly competitive market place? Chris James is your referee for a tru david vs goliath battle featuring leading industry heavyweights. Chris James, MD - Steel Media Illkka Paananen, CEO - Supercell Markus Pasula, CEO - Grand Cru Games Jami Laes, SVP Games - Rovio Johannes Vuorinen, Co-Founder - Frogmind

Sign up to the event: Eventbrite.

IGDA Finland Gathering with Supercell

We’ve done it! 404 visitors. And no, this is not an error. The evening was even more spectacular than we had hoped for. Thank you for everyone! Your enthusiasm never ceases to amaze us.

You may have spotted a few unusual visitors within the crowd. Some had traveled to Helsinki from Turku or Kajaani, others from across the seas. Did you recognize Kate Edwards, the Executive Director of IGDA? Or Kadri Ugand from the recently founded IGDA Estonia?

Our wonderful sponsor Supercell deserves a big thank you. The cryptic flashlight mentioned in the invitation turned out to be a neat photo booth, and we got some compelling pictures of you guys. It was heartwarming to see you embrace all the hats and wigs.

All in all the evening was a success. We have once again proven that the developers know how to party. See you next time!

IGDA Finland Gathering with Supercell!

IGDA Finland April GatheringTime: 9.4.2013 at 19.00 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

We will dive tablet first into IGDA Finland’s April Gathering and we are happy to announce that the notorious Supercell returns as our sponsor! This means several things. Yes, drink tickets. But that’s not all: I have been informed we shall also have something to nibble on (the whispers say it’s something round). And don’t be surprised if the atmosphere physically hits the ceiling this time! Oh, and be prepared for flashlights, it will get you a tasty reward! There’s another reason you definitely don’t want to miss this Gathering. Surely all of you know the hot topic: the all-mighty Game Developers Conference. Here’s a great chance to discuss the living daylight out of it!

Note! Executive Director of IGDA Central (International Game Developers Association) will be visiting us, too! Let's show the world how we party!

We’ll see you there!

December Gathering with Supercell

All’s well that ends well. The December Gathering was just as grandiose as it was supposed to be. We couldn’t have hoped for a better way to say goodbye to 2012. We extend a big thank you to December’s sponsor. Supercell was a patron of modest but nevertheless generous disposition. Drink tickets were only half of the fun: visitors were provided with a Christmasy drink and a Santa hat, both free of charge. Early arrivers even had a chance to grab themselves a tasty hamburger to soothe their souls.

The highlight of the evening came from Supercell’s Ilkka Paananen. We already know that the Finnish game industry and game community are full passion, creativity and commitment, you, dear visitors, keep proving it over and over again. Paananen revealed to us that our reputation precedes us: Finland’s game community is recognized even overseas. When it comes to making games, Finland is the place to be.

We were happy to see that some of you already flashed your new and shiny IGDA Finland membership cards. We were certainly happy! There were an astounding 273 visitors in Cuba. Thank you everyone! We are ready for 2013.

Have a most relaxing Christmas and a splendid New Year. See you in January 2013!

IGDA Finland December Gathering: Christmas Party with Supercell

It’s not Christmas yet, but you can’t get closer than this.

2012 was a year of epic proportions for the Finnish game industry. Not only because of the awesome games that were released or the recognition that was received, but also because of You: players, developers and enthusiasts alike. Thanks to the community with so much talent and passion, Finland is a good place to make and play games. Beware, 2013, here we come.

But hold it! The year 2012 is not over yet. We still have time to throw one heck of a party before diving into the adventures of 2013. December Gathering will be IGDA Finland’s official Little Christmas Party. We’ll get the Yuletide properly started!

December Gathering will be sponsored by a small elite task force with big ambitions. I’ll give you some clues: which company was awarded the title of Finnish Game Developer 2012, and is responsible for such commercial bullseyes as Clash of Clans (a combat strategy game with Hulk-Hogan-inspired barbarians) and Hay Day (a farming game that swipes you off your feet)? That’s right. It’s Supercell, folks, and they have drink tickets for us!

Come join us in Bar Cuba for a clash of pints. Let’s have this winter’s best party!

IGDA Finland December Gathering & Christmas Party Time: 4.12.2012 at 19.00 Place: Cuba Bar, Erottaja 4, Helsinki Finland

IGDA Finland Presentations & Gathering: from the very start to exit

IGDA Finland May Gathering focused on the typical legal issues game companies have to deal with from the very start to exit. The evening was kicked off by a panel discussion led by Timo Skurnik from Aldea Attorneys at Law. Aldea is a Helsinki based law firm specialized in commercial law, which has been advicing Finnish game companies for over a decade and has a firm understanding on the business and the legal issues corporated therein. Together with Timo, Janne Snellman from Supercell, Markus Pasula from Grand Cru and Ville Vesterinen from Grey Area were sharing their experiences on various topics from founding a company to making contracts, setting up responsibilities and distributing shares to keep the company in a good shape for exit.

The Panelists shared their own experiences regarding the legal aspects associated with setting up, operating, funding and exiting a games company. Panel discussion was very practical and the audience took part in the conversation actively. After the panel it was time to head to Cuba bar for some drinks by Aldea, discuss and network with other professionals.

I personally felt the IGDA Finland Presentations session was one of the best ever. Yet for some reason there were empty seats. For those who missed the session for a reason or another, here's a video clip to give you some idea what was discussed at the panel.

IGDA Finland Gathering was as crowded as usual. This time we had nearly 150 people at the Cuba bar. It was perfect, there were enough room to move around and have discussions with people but still very good atmosphere and industry buzz going on. Finnish game development scene surely is hot at the moment and it was clear that when you do your legal stuff right from the start, your life will be a lot smoother when your game studio grows and blooms.