IGDA Finland June Gathering and Presentations

Midsummer is right around the corner and there was just enough time for the season's last IGDA Finland Presentations and Gathering! IGDA Finland Presentations focused on several important aspects of game design. We had three presenters, the first one being Kai Rosenkranz from Nevigo. He showed us how Articy:Draft, the first professional game design tool, helps with the design process.

At this point the Presentations was hijacked by couple of guys from company called RILBITS who presented us with tools to create merchandise from our games.

Miikka Junnila from Aalto University gave us a lecture on the basics of game design, starting from the definition of a game.

And lastly we got some advanced curriculum from on free-to-play and its impact on game design process at Digital Chocolate.

After the two hour back-to-school we got drink tickets out and had a blast by the courtesy of our sponsor, Grand Cru. They showed us a cool trailer of their upcoming game Supernauts along side mansized logo!

Because this was our last Gathering of the seasons we had something special for the partiers, Oculus Rift and Leap Motion! These cool gadgets were on the floor for everybody to test and experience.

All good things come to and end, although for us this means just a two months rest before we kick off season 2013-2014. Check out the coming Gathering dates HERE!

IGDA Presentations and June Gathering with Grand Cru

Summer is here, we think.

Prepare to pampered, because the summer starts with IGDA Finland Presentations! In June the hot topic is game design and we have gathered awesome people to tell you about it. The presentations are as follows:

Articy:draft 2 Kai Rosenkranz (CEO, Nevigo) Articy:draft 2 is the first professional tool for game design in commercial studios. This tool helps to create, organize and communicate the game vision while being tightly integrated into your pipeline. Read more here!

Game Design Miikka Junnila (Aalto University, Media Lab) : Game Design – where to start? Before we make games it is useful to know what they actually are. We’ll examine one definition of ‘a game’ and then take a brief look into what game design consists of. The presentation is especially useful for those who have just entered the world of game design.

Joni Suvanto (Design Director, Digital Chocolate) Digital Chocolate develops and publishes casual and social games for the web, Facebook, and mobile phones. The company has operations in the U.S., Finland, Spain and India. Joni is going to give us his thoughts about f2p, metrics from game design perspective, how they have used them and what the future holds for it.

After the presentations it’s time to put those sweet drink tickets to good use! We are proud to be sponsored by Grand Cru, a game company with a knack for mobile and social games. The Cru in question also seem to have a thing for mind games because they have a cryptic message for all of you: this time there is something special about the drinks! What could it be? In addition to all this you will get an update on Grand Cru’s current affairs. If you didn’t know they have a new game coming it’s about time you did!

Can you take two more plot twists? We will have the fabled Oculus Rift head-mounted display at the Gathering, here is your chance to try it yourself! Don’t forget to check out the 3D Leap Motion  controller as well (we just can’t resist cool inventions).

Grand things are happening at this Gathering, so bring your own cru to enjoy it all! See you there! - IGDA Finland Presentations Time: 11.6.2013 at 17.00 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland - IGDA Finland April Gathering Time: 11.6.2013 at 19.00 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

Pocket Gamer's Mobile Mixer in Helsinki 23rd April

Pocket Gamer has teamed up with Neogames and the IGDA Finland with support from Cocoa China and Papaya Mobile, to organize Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer in Helsinki. Pocket Gamer's Mobile Mixers unite the greatest minds and freshest faces in the world of mobile games development with a heady mixture of presentations, panels, and networking - all gently lubricated with a little complimentary booze.

The Program

Doors Open (5pm)

Welcome - Chris James, MD - Pocket Gamer

Market Spotlight: China Cocoa China's US GM Lei Zhang, explains why it makes sense to look East right now!

Market Spotlight: Russia Nevosoft's Business Development Director, Julia Lebedeva points out that one of the fastest growing app markets is right on your doorstep Acquisition & Monetisation Panel: The hottest topics relating to recruiting users and making money discussed with industry luminaries. Chris Hanage, GM - Papaya Mobile Tommy Palm, Mobile Guru - King Thorbjörn Warin, CMO - Grand Cru Jon Jordan, Editor at Large - PocketGamer.Biz

Recruitment Focus Looking to advance your career? Look no further. Rovio Unity Grey Area Supercell AppCampus

Battle Panel - Big Vs Small Is it better to stay small, nimble and retain full creative control or do you need to think big to survive in the increasingly competitive market place? Chris James is your referee for a tru david vs goliath battle featuring leading industry heavyweights. Chris James, MD - Steel Media Illkka Paananen, CEO - Supercell Markus Pasula, CEO - Grand Cru Games Jami Laes, SVP Games - Rovio Johannes Vuorinen, Co-Founder - Frogmind

Sign up to the event: Eventbrite.

IGDA Finland Presentations & Gathering: from the very start to exit

IGDA Finland May Gathering focused on the typical legal issues game companies have to deal with from the very start to exit. The evening was kicked off by a panel discussion led by Timo Skurnik from Aldea Attorneys at Law. Aldea is a Helsinki based law firm specialized in commercial law, which has been advicing Finnish game companies for over a decade and has a firm understanding on the business and the legal issues corporated therein. Together with Timo, Janne Snellman from Supercell, Markus Pasula from Grand Cru and Ville Vesterinen from Grey Area were sharing their experiences on various topics from founding a company to making contracts, setting up responsibilities and distributing shares to keep the company in a good shape for exit.

The Panelists shared their own experiences regarding the legal aspects associated with setting up, operating, funding and exiting a games company. Panel discussion was very practical and the audience took part in the conversation actively. After the panel it was time to head to Cuba bar for some drinks by Aldea, discuss and network with other professionals.

I personally felt the IGDA Finland Presentations session was one of the best ever. Yet for some reason there were empty seats. For those who missed the session for a reason or another, here's a video clip to give you some idea what was discussed at the panel.

IGDA Finland Gathering was as crowded as usual. This time we had nearly 150 people at the Cuba bar. It was perfect, there were enough room to move around and have discussions with people but still very good atmosphere and industry buzz going on. Finnish game development scene surely is hot at the moment and it was clear that when you do your legal stuff right from the start, your life will be a lot smoother when your game studio grows and blooms.

IGDA Finland May Gathering: Legal issues for game companies

On May 8th IGDA Finland & Aldea presents: "What every new company should know about juridical issues" On 8th of May IGDA Finland together with law firm Aldea will serve some quality networking, good wibes & industry insights about the key issues what every game company should understand about IPR issues and agreements. The discussion will be led by Timo Skurnik from Aldea. Timo is accompanied by Janne Snellman (Supercell), Markus Pasula (Grand Cru) and Ville Vesterinen (Grey Area). The discussion will go around lessons learned and key points to consider about business law for existing, fresh and upcoming game companies.

Please do register to the IGDA Finland Presentation (no need to print the tickets).

IGDA Finland Presentations is arranged in association with Sulake. The presentation will take place at the Diana Auditorio just a stone throw from Cuba. We'll continue the evening at Cuba bar after the presentations. Aldea will serve drinks together with a perfect opportunity for current and future game industry talents to network and learn from others. IGDA Finland Gathering starts at 7PM. We'd like to welcome everyone to join the party!

IGDA Finland May Presentations - Starting a game company - legal viewpoint Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 5-7PM Diana Auditorio, Erottaja 5, Helsinki Finland Registration required: Eventbrite

IGDA Finland May Gathering Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 7PM Cuba Bar, Erottaja 4, Helsinki Finland (map: http://igda.fi/?page_id=5) No registration needed to the Cuba bar