IGDA Finland February Gathering with Rovio

El Jefe was the place to be on Tuesday night when enthusiasts of the Finnish games industry gathered once again to share learn and most of all have fun at the monthly IGDA Gathering in Helsinki. A big thank you once again to our wonderful sponsor Rovio who brought the party to town! igdafi_hki_02-2015_17 Volunteers hard at work at the registration desk.

In the midst of satisfying their sweet tooth with some Angry Birds candy, guests had the opportunity to hear more about Rovio’s cloud services and Rovio’s own cloud platform and SDK, Hatch, which has been in development for three years. Rovio has also soft-launched an in-game video channel called Ruffle that aims to bring new elements to fan interaction. During the evening’s presentations Rovio’s Jyri Partanen also gave some insight to the company’s success story and concluded that social features and F2P is the way forward.

igdafi_hki_02-2015_5 Jyri Partanen

IGDA Finland would also like to congratulate Rovio for celebrating their 5th Bird Day! Since its launch in 2009, Angry Birds has captivated and impacted hundreds of millions of fans around the world and has expanded from games into much, much more.

igdafi_hki_02-2015_11 Some lucky guests went home with huge plushies!

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic time and we will see you again on March 10th!

IGDA Finland February Gathering with Rovio

RGB_ROVIO_Logo_landscape Time to warm up February by gathering at El Jefe on Tuesday 3rd February with all your favourite friends! Rovio has kindly sponsored our event, and not only that, we have a great presentation for the night!

Jyri Partanen from Rovio Entertainment will be speaking about great games and Rovio's cloud services: how to grow a fan-base, engage your fans, and help fans pay you. He'll offer you a sneak peek into how Rovio's cloud services reach hundreds of millions of fans globally. He's going to hatch the story on Hatch: a tool built for Rovio developers.

IGDA Finland February Gathering Time: 03.02.2015 at 19:00 Place: El Jefe, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

As usual, the cloakroom service is offered free of charge on behalf of El Jefe. The event is limited to adults only.

IGDA Finland June Gathering with Rovio

Welcome to the IGDA Finland June Gathering on Tuesday 10th June! Summer holidays are right around the corner but before it is time to run off to the beach with those plastic shark fins to scare all of your friends, there is still time for the IGDA Finland June Gathering. The evening will be hosted by none other than the enormously successful entertainment company Rovio! As usual the gathering will begin at 19:00 at Club Adams.


What are you waiting for? Come to connect and have a relaxing evening. Be there, or be a bad piggy.

IGDA Finland June Gathering Time: 10.06.2014 at 19:00 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

As usual, the cloakroom service is offered free of charge on behalf of Club Adams.

Games track on Nov 13th, Slush

Slush Games track will occupy the Black Stage on November 13th. Check out the Games track program.

At 11:30am 10 mobile game startups will hit the stage. Each one will have one lesson to share with the crowd from the first leg of their journey. After the learnings we'll involve Kristian Segerståle and Aki Järvilehto into the discussion. What will these two experienced game developers / business leaders have to say to the startups?

The startups: Gajatri Studios (Tiina), Headnought Games (Pauli), PlayRaven (Lasse), Fat Lemon Games (Jani), Rival Games (Jukka), Boomlagoon (Antti), Small Giant Games (Markus), Nonstop Games (Juha), Tuliotus (Sami) and SongHi (Daniel).


Other gaming related events during Slush:

- Facebook's "Getting started with Parse ­- the new way to build" workshop at the Slush Basement on November 13th - 11:00am - 1.45pm. Facebook will organise four 20 minute sessions in a row. No pre-registration needed.

The workshop will focus on: - User acquisition using Facebook's Mobile App Ads - Growing your game using Facebook's social channels - Cross platform social integration with Unity

- Neogames & IGDA Finland game industry mingle at 5pm White Stage - meet other investors, publishers and developers. Snacks and drinks available.

- Official Slush party on November 13th from 9pm onwards

- Women in Games networking event on November 14th, at 5pm (Teatterimuseo)

Mobile Mixer event & IGDA Finland Networking event with Facebook

Welcome to IGDA Finland November Gathering with Facebook on November 12th!

IGDA Finland November Gathering will be a double treat. The evening will start with Pocket Gamer & IGDA Finland Mobile Mixer sponsored by Applifier, Rovio and Unity and continue as IGDA Finland Gathering sponsored by Facebook.


5:30-7:30pm cocktails, food, networking & Mobile Mixer panel

Featured speakers: Oscar Clark • Evangelist • Applifier Oleg Pridiuk • Technical Evangelist • Unity Jussi Immonen • Senior Publishing Manager • Rovio Tiina Zilliacus • CEO • Gajatri Studios More to be announced soon!

Following the Mobile Mixer, IGDA Finland November Gathering with Facebook will mix the industry influences and mobile game superstars. Facebook will talk about the power of the Facebook Platform and sponsor some drinks!

Welcome to connect, relax and learn!

Pocket Gamer & IGDA Finland Mobile Mixer Time: 12.11.2013 at 17:30 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland Register: EventBrite

IGDA Finland November Gathering with Facebook Time: 12.11.2013 at 19:30 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

Pocket Gamer's Mobile Mixer in Helsinki 23rd April

Pocket Gamer has teamed up with Neogames and the IGDA Finland with support from Cocoa China and Papaya Mobile, to organize Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer in Helsinki. Pocket Gamer's Mobile Mixers unite the greatest minds and freshest faces in the world of mobile games development with a heady mixture of presentations, panels, and networking - all gently lubricated with a little complimentary booze.

The Program

Doors Open (5pm)

Welcome - Chris James, MD - Pocket Gamer

Market Spotlight: China Cocoa China's US GM Lei Zhang, explains why it makes sense to look East right now!

Market Spotlight: Russia Nevosoft's Business Development Director, Julia Lebedeva points out that one of the fastest growing app markets is right on your doorstep Acquisition & Monetisation Panel: The hottest topics relating to recruiting users and making money discussed with industry luminaries. Chris Hanage, GM - Papaya Mobile Tommy Palm, Mobile Guru - King Thorbjörn Warin, CMO - Grand Cru Jon Jordan, Editor at Large - PocketGamer.Biz

Recruitment Focus Looking to advance your career? Look no further. Rovio Unity Grey Area Supercell AppCampus

Battle Panel - Big Vs Small Is it better to stay small, nimble and retain full creative control or do you need to think big to survive in the increasingly competitive market place? Chris James is your referee for a tru david vs goliath battle featuring leading industry heavyweights. Chris James, MD - Steel Media Illkka Paananen, CEO - Supercell Markus Pasula, CEO - Grand Cru Games Jami Laes, SVP Games - Rovio Johannes Vuorinen, Co-Founder - Frogmind

Sign up to the event: Eventbrite.

Angry Birds Space at IGDA Finland June Gathering

Let´s go where no bird has gone before! Last week the Finnish game community proved its vitality through a collective pilgrimage to a certain exotic bar in Erottaja. This spring's final IGDA gathering in Cuba Bar left us wistful but excited, as the evening was a flying success.

Bar Cuba was filled with space-oriented wildlife as Rovio was the sponsor of this gathering.  Early arrivers were able to grab themselves an Angry Birds Space T-shirt and a deck of beautiful Angry Birds playing cards. Three wise men from Rovio,  Sami Lahtinen, Mikko Häkkinen and Jaakko Iisalo,  offered us a short (to not keep us from using the drink tickets they also provided) but pithy look at the development, launch, and success of Angy Birds Space. The audience was also offered a glimpse of the future. Who is Alex? Why is he Amazing?

One more gathering-related announcement before the summer break. IGDA gatherings are on a trajectory even flying birds could be jealous of: this gathering managed to lure a crowd of 295 people. We couldn't have hoped for a better way to end this season!

A big thank you to Rovio for sponsoring, and another big thank you for all you who joined the fun. See you in Fall 2012!

IGDA Finland June Gathering with Rovio!

Hey, everyone!

The IGDA Finland summer party is just around the corner so mark this date on your calendars and join us in this season's final gathering! This time we're organizing the party together with Rovio and they will offer us some free cold drinks in this heat! Come and find out what else they have for us!

Also it's been a wonderful year and thank you to everyone for being so active! After the June Gathering it's time to wish you happy holidays and we'll see you again in Fall 2012!

IGDA Finland June Gathering Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 7PM Cuba Bar, Erottaja 4, Helsinki Finland (map: http://igda.fi/?page_id=5)

Uutiskirje 07/2011: Angry Birds Magic tuo linnut lähelle

Angry Birds artikkelin kuvitus

Fysiikkapohjaisella Angry Birds -pelillään maailman valloittanut Rovio Mobile vie pelisarjaa uusille apajille. Hiljattain julkaistu Angry Birds Magic lisää pelaajien välistä vuorovaikutusta ja rikastuttaa pelikokemusta älypuhelimien GPS-paikannuksen avulla.

Helsinkiläisen Rovio Mobilen pillastuneet linnut ovat kasvaneet pelistä maailmanlaajuiseksi ilmiöksi. Vuonna 2009 älypuhelimille julkaistu Angry Birds saavutti nopeasti kriittisen massan ja levisi kaikkialle maailmaan ja kaikille kuviteltavissa oleville alustoille. Angry Birdsiä, sen päivityksiä ja lisäosia onkin ladattu yli 250 miljoonaa kappaletta. Ilmiö ei ole rajoittunut pelkkään peliin, vaan konseptista on nähty niin vaatteita, pehmoleluja ja sketsejä kuin lautapelejäkin. Lisäksi tulossa on animaatio ja jopa keittokirja.

Nyt Rovio tekee pelaamisesta sosiaalisempaa. Angry Birds Magic on uusi laajennus, joka lisätään kaikkiin Angry Birds -peleihin. Laajennus on julkaistu aluksi Nokian C7- ja N9-puhelimille ja Nook Colorille. Muut Nokian ja muiden valmistajien laitteet seuraavat perässä.

Älypuhelimien välistä tiedonsiirtoa eli NFC-toimintoa hyödyntävä Angry Birds Magic kannustaa pelaajia todelliseen vuorovaikutukseen. Magicissa on aluksi vain viisi kenttää, mutta toista NFC-laitetta koskettamalla kenttiä avautuu lisää. Pelaajan on siis etsittävä pelitovereita myös tosimaailmassa, jotta kaikki 20 kenttää avautuvat.

NFC-tekniikkaa tukemattomatkin puhelimet saavat osansa taikuudesta, sillä Angry Birds Magic hyödyntää myös GPS-paikannusta. Esimerkiksi tiettyyn kauppaan astuttaessa esiin saattaa tulla ilmoitus Mighty Eagle -linnun avautumisesta. Tulossa on myös kohdekohtaisia tulostauluja, kertoo brändikehityksen varapäällikkö Ville Heijari. "Haluamme kuitenkin olla varmoja siitä, että kaikki valitut kohteet todella parantavat pelikokemusta. Se on meille tärkeää", Heijari jatkaa. Yhdysvalloissa taikakohteiksi on valittu muun muassa 700 Barnes & Noble -kirjakauppaa, joissa pelaajat voivat käyttää Mighty Eaglea Android-pohjaisella Nook Color -lukulaitteellaan.

"Pelaajat voivat nyt murtaa laitteidensa kahleet ja toimia vuorovaikutuksessa ympäristönsä kanssa", kertoo Angry Birds Magicin tuotepäällikkö Ramine Darabiha. "Luvassa on tuhansittain taikakohteita ja uusia sosiaalisia kokemuksia." Pelaajaa siis todella kannustetaan sosiaalisuuteen ja liikkuvuuteen. Ehkäpä kaupungilla pian nähdään sankoin joukoin Angry Birds -faneja, jotka vaeltavat kännykät ojossa etsimässä taikakohteita ja uusia kenttiä peliinsä.

Nopeasti laajeneva Rovio hakee myös täydennystä tiimiinsä. "Avoimet paikat näkyvät rekrytointisivultamme, mutta meille voi jättää myös avoimen hakemuksen", Darabiha kannustaa.

Tuomo Karvonen

Summary in English Helsinki-based Rovio Mobile has released Angry Birds Magic, a new addition to the Angry Birds family. Angry Birds Magic allows players to utilize their mobile's NFC and GPS technology to unlock new levels and other features by interacting with other players and real-life locations. Angry Birds Magic is released first on Nokia devices and Nook Color and later on all devices. Rovio is also expanding rapidly, so check out the open positions on their career page.