Zombies, women gamers and good 8-bit vibes at the Cuba

IGDA Finland February Gathering was action-packed! We had women gamers' group (Pelinaiset) visiting us, Finnish Game Jam awards were announced and Tuomas Karmakallio arranged anticipated 8-bit music quiz. Also some serious Lipshack partying and 8-bit gaming too place during the evening. Good stuff! "Meet the (women) Gamers" was organized in collaboration with Microsoft Xbox Live. A big hand to Microsoft for offering drinks to all the ladies! Thus it was no wonder that we had a full house: the number of registered visitors rise up to 145. Super!

But who are these zombies in the photo? Read more to find out!

We had also little excitement within the evening. Everything worked as smoothly as always with Cuba Cafe but this time the microphone had gone missing! Luckily our technical mastermind Joona Pulliainen came up with an alternative solution to use iPhone as a microphone. And it worked perfectly! See the picture :)

The first ever Finnish Game Jam (FGJ) took place during the previous weekend. Finnish Game Jam coordinator team survived the weekend and came to IGDA Gathering to announce the Jury's and Jammers' Choices of FGJ. The competition was fierce and there was only one vote difference between the first and the second one! The winner was Kuuasema team featuring Eevi Korhonen and their game Grow Up! Jury's choice was Zombie growling game "Play Dead 2: The Growling of the Dead". Both games are available through Finnish Game Jam site.

Besides the awards ceremony, 8-bit gaming was on through the night at the back of the bar, there was also a good queue to Lipshack and women gamers were networking with game developers and sharing some valuable input of their gaming preferences.

More photos from the event can be found from IGDA Finland photo archive.