Invitation to IGDA Finland Presentations & Gathering March the 2nd

Hi fellow game developers and welcome to IGDA Finland Gathering & IGDA Finland Presentations!

IGDA FINLAND PRESENTATIONS Place: Diana auditorium, Erottajankatu 5, 00120 Helsinki Time: Tuesday, 2nd of March, 17:00

IGDA FINLAND MARCH GATHERING Place: Cuba Bar, Erottajankatu 4, 00120 Helsinki (map: Time: Tuesday, 2nd of March, doors open at 19:00

Next IGDA Finland Gathering will take place on the 2nd of March. This time IGDA Finland collaborates with Tekes project Games as Services (GaS). GaS project studied how games are transferring into services and what does this change mean to various reference groups. IGDA together with GaS arranges IGDA Finland Presentations session which will focus on the role of services in game business. In other words the impact of online distribution and publication to game industry, game design and player experiences. The panelists are: Koopee Hiltunen (Neogames), Ilari Kuittinen (Housemarque), Mikko Honkakorpi (Mahtava Development), Riku Suomela (Nokia), Kai Kuikkaniemi (HIIT) and Olli Sotamaa (TAY). The session will start at 5PM. The panel will be part of a half-day seminar. If you are interested to follow the whole seminar, check out the full program below. The after party will be at Cuba Café as usual. Join the fun and see you on Tuesday, 2nd of March!


Games as Services Seminar Tuesday 2.3.2010 Helsinki, Diana Auditorium, Erottajankatu 5


13-14.30 Session 1 Olli Sotamaa, Games as services: Opening words Jaakko Stenros, Understanding player services Kai Kuikkaniemi, Service-thinking for game developers


15-16.30 Session 2 Saara Toivonen, Player attitudes on online distribution Tero Karppi, Game by layers: Case Dj Hero Juho Hamari, Game design as marketing


In collaboration with IGDA Finland 17-18.30 Panel discussion: The role of services in the current game business

Panelists: Koopee Hiltunen, Neogames (Moderator) Ilari Kuittinen, Housemarque Mikko Honkakorpi, Mahtava Development Riku Suomela, Nokia Kai Kuikkaniemi, HIIT Olli Sotamaa, TAY

19 > IGDA Finland Gathering (Cuba Bar, Erottajankatu 4)

If you plan to participate in the first two sessions please register by sending an email to our seminar coordinator Saara Toivonen (saara.e.toivonen [at] by February 26th the latest. If you choose to check out only the panel, no registration in advance is needed.