Application is open for Games and Storytelling workshops

Application is open for the Games and Storytelling workshops.The workshops will be given in Helsinki and Tampere 5-9 Feb 2007 and 23-27 Apr 2007. Please apply latest 4 December 2007 via e-mail:

You can apply for the workshops with either a game or interactive storytelling concept, or with a research plan, and a CV. Rather than sending in large files as attachments, you should preferably provide URL links in your email applications.

(Please note: your game or interactive storytelling concept, or research plan, will not necessarily be used in the workshop, but is rather used to provide further information about your previous experience; it is used both for evaluation and as your background information for the workshop leader.)

Selection will be based on previous studies, career and diversity in the workshops. Selections will be conducted by the Games and Storytelling steering group. Central criteria of selection is applicant's capability to bring forward a believable new perspective to games and new media in the concept.

Application deadline for the workshops (Eric Zimmerman, 5 - 9 Feb 2007 and Larry Friedlander, 23 - 27 Apr 2007) is December 4, 2006. Applicants will receive an acceptance decision by 15 Dec 2006.

More information: