November Gathering - After Action Report

Again the attendance amount beat the odds of the yet again rainy weather. We had a stunning number of 210 people who attended the November gathering! That’s 31 people more than the previous record! There was also a large amount of new faces around. The Gathering started with a hefty boom, a huge line formed rapidly of people rushing to get the free drinks and food and as a first there was also a line forming on the bar area!

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Food was complimented many times by everyone and it started to disappear quickly as the night drew its curtains. People were constantly crowding around our sponsors, Recoil Games people.

It seemed that from the first minutes to the end of the night System Rock was packed full and people were simply having a blast. The private function part of the IGDA event always ends at midnight, and only handful of people usually linger on after that. This time there were plenty of IGDA attendees hanging out until the 3.30AM closing time.