A report from Digiexpo 2006

Digiexpo was held from 3. - 5.11 in Helsinki and, at least on Saturday, turned in an impressive crowd of entertainment electronics enthusiasts. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all had their booths set up in to lure prospective buyers to try out their latest wares.

Gears of War booth

Microsoft was showcasing several upcoming Xbox 360 titles on the show floor, but the most high profile one was Epics soon to be released Gears of War, which had an impressive stand separate from the other games. Electronic Arts was out in full force on the showfloor with a behemoth of a booth. Eager gamers got to test Need For Speed: Carbon for the 360 among other titles.

EA Games booth

Nintendo booth

Wii gaming

Nintendo had a small booth, where people could try out a few Wii and DS titles. As expected, the Wii games stole the show and the lines grew pretty long. The Zelda: Twilight Princess line was the longest and most people who got to play the game, took their sweet old time with it.

Playstation show

Playstation show

The Sony booth was swamped with eager gamers, waiting to get some alone time with the PS3 and its launch games. Sony held The Playstation Show through out the weekend a few times a day. They showcased the basic functionality of the PS3 there and the presenter played a few quick rounds of MotorStorm and Insomniacs FPS title Resistance: Fall of Man.

by Tommi Hartikainen