IGDA Finland Early Access: New Website!

Boom! After some careful bit aligning we have a new home and it's better than ever.

We're now moving a lot faster than before as an association and some eggs have been broken while making this omelette: not everything on this site is up and running yet. Some links are dead ends. Some content is missing. Some typos are embarrassing. Social media stuff is not wired up yet etc. Release early and release often!

However here's something new and exciting: we're trying to make it a lot easier and more clear what we're actually doing and why. If we nail this thing right it should be way easier for anyone in the community to just pick up their ideas and do something amazing, wether it's under IGDA brand or not.

Head over to the new collaborate page to see what's what.

From the web: IGDA proposes game credits standards

Credits Standards Committee chair to speak at GDC 08 The International Game Developers Association is pushing for an industry-wide adoption of professional standards in game credits.

A public "beta" of the proposed IGDA standards was posted online for member feedback in September, but the issue has recently come to the forefront with the news that Rockstar Vienna was snubbed in the credits for Manhunt 2.

"Accurate, complete, and fair credits are essential to ongoing employment, professional development, and artistic fulfillment for all developers," said the IGDA's executive director Jason Della Rocca.

"Further, having accurate credits helps employers make informed hiring decisions."

The IGDA has established a Credit Standards Committee with the goal of establishing generally accepted guidelines that all studios and publishers can use.

John Feil, the chair of this committee, will be hosting a roundtable session during the 2008 Game Developers Conference entitled "The IGDA Credits Movement: The Revolution Is Already Here.

Article from GamesIndustry.Biz