Step 1: Join the Discussion!

Our main communication tool is our volunteer slack team. You are welcome to join, jump in to conversations and create new channels for projects. We encourage organising as much stuff as possible on public channels so that other volunteers can see the progress and help you out.


Step 2: Do Something

It's easier to get forgiveness than a permission. Go for it. Focus your energy around the quests on this page and we'll do our best to get out of your way! Sometimes it's still a good idea to continue doing things the same way as people before you. Here's our info dump for volunteers.


2016 Main Quest Lines

These are our core activities as decided in the annual fall meetings. We urge everyone to see if they could help make our scene more awesome by contributing in one way or another toward these goals. It's fun, too!


Monthly Gatherings

Monthly gatherings are where it all started and where we still feel most at home. It's the best way to meet old friends and get introduced to new ones. It's where students get to mingle with the pros and sometimes, just sometimes, we get to see unreleased games. Help us hold the best IGDA gatherings on the planet!


Maintain and Grow Regional Hubs

By the numbers most of IGDA Finland events now happen outside Helsinki. That's fantastic! Help us empower game developers all around Finland (Helsinki too!) to join hands on local activities and special events.


Life Should be Easy

IGDA Finland has grown to be an adult and we still carry around a lot of package from our teenage years. Running an association with hundreds of volunteers is not trivial and we need to get better at everything we do. Help us make and deploy better tools and practices to be able to host even bigger events in the future!


Side Quests

But wait, that's not all. We're now such a big community of all shapes and sizes that monthly gatherings simply don't cut it. In addition we'd love to be able to do more fun things on the side, no strings attached. Join in and make it your own!


Special Events

Special events are some of the biggest and most exciting things we do. They can also be smaller and more intimate than our normal gatherings. Variety is the key to a long lasting relationship so help us do That One Thing We Should Have Done Years Ago.



IGDA Finland seminar series has grown to be a mini conference. We get international speakers, see deep dives from our fellow peers and get to cover topics that are actually relevant to ourselves. Every seminar is hand crafted with love and we think they could go from amazing to world class with the right people involved. Help us cover your favourite topics!


  • Organise a seminar

  • Speak at a seminar

  • Sponsor a seminar


Respect the Volunteers

Everything we do is completely on the good will, tears, sweat and blood of hard working volunteers. Let's make them something nice.


Hidden Achievement