IGDA Finland Gathering with Supercell

We’ve done it! 404 visitors. And no, this is not an error. The evening was even more spectacular than we had hoped for. Thank you for everyone! Your enthusiasm never ceases to amaze us.

You may have spotted a few unusual visitors within the crowd. Some had traveled to Helsinki from Turku or Kajaani, others from across the seas. Did you recognize Kate Edwards, the Executive Director of IGDA? Or Kadri Ugand from the recently founded IGDA Estonia?

Our wonderful sponsor Supercell deserves a big thank you. The cryptic flashlight mentioned in the invitation turned out to be a neat photo booth, and we got some compelling pictures of you guys. It was heartwarming to see you embrace all the hats and wigs.

All in all the evening was a success. We have once again proven that the developers know how to party. See you next time!