IGDA Finland December Gathering: Christmas Party with Supercell

It’s not Christmas yet, but you can’t get closer than this.

2012 was a year of epic proportions for the Finnish game industry. Not only because of the awesome games that were released or the recognition that was received, but also because of You: players, developers and enthusiasts alike. Thanks to the community with so much talent and passion, Finland is a good place to make and play games. Beware, 2013, here we come.

But hold it! The year 2012 is not over yet. We still have time to throw one heck of a party before diving into the adventures of 2013. December Gathering will be IGDA Finland’s official Little Christmas Party. We’ll get the Yuletide properly started!

December Gathering will be sponsored by a small elite task force with big ambitions. I’ll give you some clues: which company was awarded the title of Finnish Game Developer 2012, and is responsible for such commercial bullseyes as Clash of Clans (a combat strategy game with Hulk-Hogan-inspired barbarians) and Hay Day (a farming game that swipes you off your feet)? That’s right. It’s Supercell, folks, and they have drink tickets for us!

Come join us in Bar Cuba for a clash of pints. Let’s have this winter’s best party!

IGDA Finland December Gathering & Christmas Party Time: 4.12.2012 at 19.00 Place: Cuba Bar, Erottaja 4, Helsinki Finland