Angry Birds Space at IGDA Finland June Gathering

Let´s go where no bird has gone before! Last week the Finnish game community proved its vitality through a collective pilgrimage to a certain exotic bar in Erottaja. This spring's final IGDA gathering in Cuba Bar left us wistful but excited, as the evening was a flying success.

Bar Cuba was filled with space-oriented wildlife as Rovio was the sponsor of this gathering.  Early arrivers were able to grab themselves an Angry Birds Space T-shirt and a deck of beautiful Angry Birds playing cards. Three wise men from Rovio,  Sami Lahtinen, Mikko Häkkinen and Jaakko Iisalo,  offered us a short (to not keep us from using the drink tickets they also provided) but pithy look at the development, launch, and success of Angy Birds Space. The audience was also offered a glimpse of the future. Who is Alex? Why is he Amazing?

One more gathering-related announcement before the summer break. IGDA gatherings are on a trajectory even flying birds could be jealous of: this gathering managed to lure a crowd of 295 people. We couldn't have hoped for a better way to end this season!

A big thank you to Rovio for sponsoring, and another big thank you for all you who joined the fun. See you in Fall 2012!