IGDA Finland: February Gathering

Hi folks, next IGDA Finland Gathering is on Tuesday, February the 2nd. The Gathering is titled "Meet the Gamers". As you know, game developers have to think of the potential audience for their product. Too often developers think that the typical gamer is "someone like me". What if that is not the case? Now you have a golden opportunity to chat with other gamers and see what type of issues they like in games, why they play games and what they would like to experience in games. IGDA invited Women Gamers (Pelinaiset) to visit IGDA Gathering. Pelinaiset is a group of women & girls who are into gaming. You will soon find out that there are as many tastes as they are players. This is a perfect opportunity for you to learn something new! Besides chatting with gamers, we have some 8-bit gaming and a 8-bit music quiz for you. Also Lipshack booth will be open for the night!

Warmly welcome – see you on Tuesday the 2nd of February IGDA FINLAND FEBRUARY GATHERING Place: Cuba Bar, Erottajankatu 4, 00120 Helsinki (map: http://igda.fi/?page_id=5) Time: Tuesday, 2th of February, doors open at 19:00