IGDA Finland Web Team Introductions

It's about time we introduced ourselves, the new people rolling our daily magics behind the bytes! As you all (should :D ) know by now, Teemu Haila / iNF (me, that is) took over Miikka during the summer. I got a huge load of cr- ...unfinished tasks right in the beginning to sort out. But that's all well and good, since (imo) we are definitely now in the better part of top-5 IGDA sites worldwide! But let's get on with it to the real people: #Lead Coordinator - Jyri Ranki He might be "just" a general leader, but all our bigger decisions and designs go to him before you guys. Never forget the ones in charge!

#Coordinator - Miikka Luotio Our very own coordinator and ex-webmaster QA's anything and everything done to this site. Every word in this text is 100% Miikkaâ„¢ Approved! Miikka is also updating our blogs with content from sources like volunteers.

#Webmaster - Teemu Haila Webmaster/admin/root/team leader... what ever suits you best! I'm the creative face directing our current progress and the one in charge of making sure everything works around the clock. As if that could be possible in Internet. While I do most of the stuff alone, I'd like to highligh two people:

- Juho Hartikainen He has been a spiritual support (sob) during the darker hours of intense labour and also did our wonderful new logo! Huge kudos for that.

- Niko Kosonen While he hasn't yet participated in any (visible) way, he will be developing some freezingly cool ajax magic for us. Tip: it's something we won't talk about in advance, but you'll love it!

So that's about it for the crew. I'd ramble here all night, but Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin got me addicted (again) and I can't risk leaving it alone. See you in the meetings!