February Gathering -- tshuh! the flu season is here

Long and dark winter is getting to the bones of Finnish game developers. It is the flu season in Finland and that surely shows! In February IGDA pub night attendees were a bit few in number but strong in spirit! This time there was only about 80 attendees.Except pre-GDC chatting and local game industry news, the attendees filled out a questionnaire about the venue. There has been a discussion whether IGDA Finland should find a better venue for the pub nights. What do you think? Are you satisfied with System Rock? Don't be shy to share your opinions at the discussion forum. The results of the survey will be available soon and naturally we’ll share the details with you.

Tampere folksGathering

This time we would like to give props to long distance travelers from Tampere and industry activists from Universomo, Recoil, Sumea and Remedy!


Next pub night will take place on 11th of March. We shall be sharing the latest news from GDC and perhaps a little surprise for all of you from some of us :)