June Gathering - Opportunity to Play First Ever Finnish Xbox360 Title "Flatout Ultimate Carnage" Before Street Date

The season ending June gathering continued the strong attendance streak with 115 attendees! It seems that the summer vacations had started and some regular visitors had escaped to their summer cottages already.

This time it was Flatout Ultimate Carnage that was being showcased via an xbox 360 demobooth with a playable copy of the game few days before it's official street date.

There was a constant line of people wanting to get their hands on the game and the game was clearly the main topic of the gathering. The crowd consisted of strong console game company presence and amidst the international visitors this time there were people from Sega Europe.

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It was easy to see that the new law is now in effect, banning smoking inside bars & clubs. This caused a constant flow of people to the terrace outside of Public Corner and back to System Rock. At least the air is fresh from now on and non-smokers are happier to stay longer.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who showed up early to setup the demobooth! Thanks to you the event was a another huge success! Big thanks also to good folks at Microsoft for supplying us with the demostation! -Miikka Luotio