Great press coverage for the Finnish game industry

Wow, we're getting great press right now! I don't know about you guys, but it puts a big smile on my face and for good reason, there's been lots of big news for our industry lately.Bugbear released Flatout Ultimate Carnage, Housemarque released Super Stardust HD, Frozenbyte announced Shadowgrounds Survivor, Recoil announced Earth No More, THQ bought Universomo, etc. But I digress, on to the news links..Helsingin Sanomat (the biggest newspaper in Finland) had a good sized article and claimed that the Finnish Game Industry is doing great!

Talouselämä (the Finnish "Wallstreet Journal") also ran a sizable piece about the Finnish game industry:

Last but not least; eDome, a Finnish gaming site claims 2007 to be a great year for Finnish game industry

Jay - Lead Chapter Coordinator