Finnish Game Developers Association has been founded

The Finnish Game Developers Association/Suomen Pelinkehittäjät ry (English name tentative) has been founded in Pasila, Helsinki on February 5th 2007.The purpose of the association is to provide means for cooperation and progress for Finnish game companies, and act as a representative body for them.

Six members were selected into the board of directors to represent various sectors of game development: PC and console games, mobile games, web games, handheld games and TV-mobile games. Ilari Kuittinen from Housemarque was selected as the chairman of the board, and Neogames' KooPee Hiltunen as the representative of the association.

Companies in the games industry that focus on the creation of digital games will be able to join once the registration of the association is complete.

The creation of this type of association is warranted by the strong growth of the game development field and it becoming one of the leading creative industries. The FGDA will be working closely together with other games industry organizations. The FGDA is unambiguously the representative body for game development companies.

More information concerning the operation of the FGDA will be provided during the spring.

Additional information from: KooPee Hiltunen

-Miikka Luotio