February Gathering - After Action Report

February gathering was held during the skiing-holidays, which ensured that System Rock was not too crowded this time and free seats were readily available, another factor probably was the cold weather outside (-17C). All in all, we had 86 people in attendance, some of them all the way from Oulu -region and even from Luxembourg.

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One of the main topics of the evening was GDC'07. Most were excited about the program this year. The plentitude of Finnish speakers this year was something everybody seemed really happy about (Lasse Seppänen/Remedy, Jeff Valadares/Sumea, Petri Ikonen/Sumea, Jani Kajala/Rovio, ...).

Another happy GDC-related news was that Liz, one of our chapter coordinators, won the IGDA student scholarship, so she'll be able to attend also - congrats to Liz! But the most talked about topic seemed to be the fact that people from at least 6 or 7 game companies flying over on the same flight to GDC'07 - should be an interesting flight. :)

One new volunteer joined the volunteers; Vesa-Matti Raudasoja, who is an ARTO student at Pelikoulutus 2006-2008. Welcome aboard Vesa-Matti!

-Miikka Luotio