June Gathering - 6th June 2006

Dear friends, fellow developers! The June Gathering and end of the season is here - don't miss the last one of the season, before July's summer break. System Club terrace is already open, so let's hope the weather is nice and sunny - like it usually is during the Finnish summer, right

Place: System, Club, Keskuskatu 4, 00100 Helsinki (see map:http://www.igda.org/finland/images/igda_map.jpg) Time: Tue 6th June, doors open at 7.00pm

Your normal plethora of gaming choices are again available: pool, black jack & board games from upstairs. And feel free to bring your own games, especially handhelds for multiplayer matches! Mario Kart on Nintendo DS anyone?

And a little reminder of the remaining gatherings of the season: July: Summer Break August: Date will be announced during the summer

Game On! Jyri, On behalf of the whole Chapter Team