June Gathering - After Action Report

If I were to describe the IGDA Finland June gathering in as few words as possible, those would have to be "Nintendo DS Lite". Thanks to Oskari Hurme from Amo - Nintendo's Finnish Importer - we had a few DS Lite handheld consoles to play around with. People had plenty wireless multiplaying fun with the DS Lites, using the WiFi connection available in System Club. The demo area was constantly crowded and lines soon started to form. There was a constant multiplayer action going on for hours and everyone had a chance to play. The night was such a success that there might be more cooperation between Amo and IGDA Finland in the future as well. For photos CLICK HERE

People came in pretty early and some seemed to enjoy their stay into the little hours. Subjects of discussions were still heavily fixed on the last E3 and of course DS Lite and Wii consoles. Again there were large groups of people from different game companies present, naturally the major ones and this time also Frozenbyte and Ironstar Helsinki were largely present. From Ironstar Helsinki the whole development team was there, which was probably the related to the fact that Ironstar Helsinki became an IGDA Studio Affiliate recently.

Attendance-wise, it was another successful evening, with total of 96 people showing up.

Thanks for coming everyone and remember to check the photos!