IGDA Finland in Steam

If you haven't heard of Steam Greenlight before, it's about time. Steam Greenlight is a new publishing platform inside Steam, where users can influence which games are to be sold in Steam's Store. Greenlight is a great opportunity for Finnish game developers to get peer support and, quite simply, to get the word around. And on the internet the word does get around.

Naturally IGDA Finland doesn't want to stand in the way of progress. IGDA Finland has a Greenlight Collection in Steam, where we want to showcase your games. The collection is an easy way to browse, rate and discuss upcoming games. If you want your game in the IGDA Steam Collection, contact us and ask us to add your game. If you already have a Steam account, send a message to the user IGDA_Finland. If you aren't in Steam yet, you can send email to jukka.huiskonen@igda.fi.

We also have our own Steam Group, and we welcome you all to join us there! The point of all this is to help gamers and developers throughout Finland to find an inspire each other. What Finland lacks in size, it makes up for in enthusiasm.

See you in Steam!