IGDA Finland May Gathering: Uplause and Housemarque in the spotlight

In case you missed it May's Gathering was a smashing success. Cuba was fully packed again with 180 partygoers. We know it already but those who don't: IGDA Finland Gathering is so cool that people come to IGDA Finland Gatherings all over the world. This time we had visitors from Canada (Jason Della Rocca / Perimeter Partners) and the US (Jeferson Valadares / Flurry) ;) Naturally also the crème de la crème of Finnish game industry was there from IGDA Affiliate studios and Industry Partners to cool IGDA student club from Tampere (Score) and Turku area, guys from Remedy, Kuuasema (they just released their 1st game Supersonic), Digital Chocolate, Housemarque, Turmoil Games and so on and so on! Wow! What a night! Thanks everyone!

More photos from the May Gathering.

We had double feature from Uplause and Housemarque. Uplause is innovative games startup. They do Massively Multiplayer Audience Games meaning that they bring simple games to mass audience in concerts, nightclubs, hockey games and other mass events. IGDA visitors were able to try out Blackjack á la Uplause. In their version players needed to shout if they wanted another card. That’s social for sure and a lot of fun as well!

Housemarque released their highly appraised Outland at the end of April and were kind enough to give IGDA visitors a chance to see what it is all about. At IGDA May Gathering super-pretty Outland represented totally different gaming experience from Uplause audience games. On top of that Uplause and Housemarque were sponsoring drinks!

Uplause party challenge:

Housemarque's Outland

Next IGDA Finland Gathering is on 14th of June right after E3 expo. We have something special for you also in June! See you then! After June IGDA goes to summer holidays and will be back in Autumn 2011.