Autumn Turku Hub Gatherings with Tribeflame, Wargaming and Gameturku

September and October was filled with exciting events in Turku. Here’s a digest of what’s been happening in our local IGDA Finland Hub!

23.9. IGDA Finland Turku Hub gathering with Tribeflame

Tribeflame presenting

A monday night didn’t stop enthusiastic game developers and hobbyists from gathering with Tribeflame, one of the longest running game companies in Turku. Tribeflame has released a number of games, such as Light the Flower, Reiner Knizia's Labyrinth, Reiner Knizia's Clustermaster, and the latest of them being Benji Bananas that has reached 20+ million downloads combined in the Appstore and Play Store.

Gentlephant was also demoing a “Super meat boy for mobile” -kind of game which was met with great interest and a lot of cursing because of the hardcore platforming nature of the game. Together we celebrated Turku’s biggest game success so far with drinks and Bar Bryssel’s great sauna!

9.10. Turku Game Lab re-launch and Turku Hub gathering with GameTurku and

The day was filled with events. Firstly the Game Tech & Arts Lab was re-launched as Turku Game Lab in the ICT-House. Turku University’s and Turku University of Applied Sciences’ game lab will strengthen the community and give tools for students and to-be developers to get their hands dirty in making games.

The day continued with a gathering in the usual place with GameTurku and GameTurku is a new portal and brand for the Turku game development scene. GameTurku is now the go-to place the get information about everything that is going on in the area:

We were also very lucky to have Yury Shilyaev, the director of education and Aleksandr Zezulin, executive producer at as guests for our gathering. Our gathering once again hit over 100 guests and after Alex's presentation he was met with a long Q&A session about all things World of Tanks and etc. We also learned that approx. third of the players of WOT spend money on the game and a few guys from the audience confessed to have used hundreds of euros to the game!

Aleksandr answering tough questions

We'll be back on November with more exciting guests and reasons to share a pint with a fellow game developer!

Tatu Laine & Turku Hub Coordinators