IGDA September Gathering with Mental Moustache, Tekes and Joensuu Science Park

Summer is finally over. For us igdaphiles this is very good news.

The fall season was kicked off with a set of interesting events on 4th September. The magical trio Tekes, Neogames and Finpro, organised the Games Outbreak seminar at Korjaamo in Helsinki. The seminar was also the launching event of Tekes' Skene programme. Tekes is planning to help keep Finland's game industry alive and kicking, visit here to find out the details of the masterplan.

Afterwards the thirsty crowd headed for this falls very first IGDA Gathering in Bar Cuba. The sponsor of this gathering (and the generous bringer of drink tickets) was Mental Moustache, an independent game company based in Outokumpu. Heikki Koljonen, the CEO and mastermind extraordinaire of Mental Moustache, entertained us with a delightful trailer of their new game title Spincraft. We were all cordially invited to the beta testing as well.

There were over 220 visitors in Bar Cuba, a good start for the season. We were thrilled to see you for the first time after the summer, let's hope we keep bumping to each other throughout the long winter. See you around!