Jobs site moving to Games Jobs Finland

Since IGDA Finland started offering our jobs site it has grown into the important platform it is today, making it easy for game companies to reach new recruits and talents seeking positions in the industry to find where they are needed.

However, as you all know, IGDA Finland is run by volunteers. The amount of responsibilities has also grown in size over the years and the gatherings alone take a huge amount of effort to organize. Running the jobs site is no longer something that is viable for us to keep around eating away our resources and thus the IGDA Finland board has decided to focus our efforts to events and community activities. This means that from now on all of our attention will be on Helsinki and the other hubs all over the country.

Fear not though, this will not be the end of a safe haven for game industry related jobs posting: IGDA jobs site functions will be transferred to our industry partner Games Jobs Finland/Barona IT for further development and maintenance.

The IGDA jobs site will be closed by end of May 2014 and all traffic will be guided to Games Jobs from now on. Before that all active job ads will be posted to Games Jobs Finland. Games Jobs Finland will contact the current and future partners.

We’d like to thank all the companies who made the jobs site an important employment tool for the industry and hope you keep utilizing it after the transfer! May you find the best talent out there.