Head to Vienna for the ReVersed Festival

The ReVersed Festival is a free and open gaming event for everyone of all ages, but of particular interest for game developers, enthusiasts, jammers and journalists. 

Organized in part by our friends at IGDA Austria, the event will take place from July 6-9th at the MuseumsQuarters in Vienna, Austria and will feature an indie showcases, a four-day game jam, and plenty of opportunities for networking. 

The event is entirely free for everyone, and is run on the blood, sweat and effort of their volunteer force. That said, they are looking for anyone interested in sponsoring the event. 

For more information visit: http://www.reversed.at

IGDA Finland February Gathering

The year of the Snake is already full of game related extravagance. You are going to see a lot of exciting action in the next IGDA Gathering, so let’s take a quick look to pique your unmatched curiosity.

The February gathering will be sponsored by the one and only Viope Solutions, an eLearning virtuoso from Helsinki. They will bring not only drink tickets but also good tidings: the Viope Game Programming Competition 2012-2013 is now behind us, and it is time to announce the winners!

The multi-purpose February Gathering also serves as the prize ceremony of the Finnish Game Jam 2013, that was held 25th-27th January. Prepare to see categories you’ve never seen before!

Don’t forget that the Gathering has moved to new locations in Erottajankatu 15-17. We’ll see you there! IGDA Finland February Gathering Time: 12.2.2013 at 19.00 Place: Adams Club, Erottajankatu 15-17, Helsinki, Finland

We'd also like to invite you and your friends to the movies before the IGDA Finland Gathering. Wreck-it Ralph at Kinopalatsi for free! Sign up now: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5225638024#