Vesa Raudasoja elected to the IGDA Board of Directors

Vesa Raudasoja, a long time active member of IGDA Finland,  has unlocked quite an achievement as he was elected to the IGDA Board of Directors. IGDA Finland warmly congratulates Vesa Raudasoja for his election and wishes him continued success in his future endeavors.

The results of the election came out on Thursday the 3rd of March and new board members will officially begin their terms on 1st of April 2016.

The final results are as follows:

  • Vesa Raudasoja - 473 votes
  • Lucy Morris - 318 votes
  • Melody Schaeffer - 241 votes
  • Cat Wendt - 213 votes

More information on the election and results can be found here:

Vesa Raudasoja nominated for IGDA Board of Directors / Vesa Raudasoja ehdolla IGDA:n hallitukseen

A long time active IGDA Finland member and a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Vesa Raudasoja has been nominated for International Game Developer's Association's (IGDA) Board of Directors. Raudasoja has been involved with IGDA Finland since the beginning, and is the first Finnish person nominated for the Board. Previously the Board of Directors has mainly consisted of members from North America.

A game developer himself, and having closely followed the growth of Finnish game industry, Raudasoja finds IGDA's role very important for game developer communities and wants to get European and Scandinavian voices heard more in the community.

"I'm sure that many game studios in Finland and internationally have started because of IGDA's activities. Without an organization like this the game industry in Finland, for example, would probably be much smaller. Game developer communities are very important and IGDA has been creating these for years all around the world.”

All full members of IGDA are eligible to vote on the election until the end of February. There are four candidates in total of which two will be elected.

Raudasoja will be saying a few words on his nomination at the February gathering on 9.2.

More information on the election:

Vesa's Campaign Page:

IGDA Finlandin pitkäaikainen aktiivi, Lifetime Achievement Awardilla palkittu Vesa Raudasoja on ehdolla International Game Developer's Association (IGDA):n hallitukseen. Raudasoja on ollut mukana IGDA Finlandin toiminnassa sen perustamisesta lähtien ja on ensimmäisenä suomalaisena ehdolla hallitukseen, jonka paikat ovat aiemmin jakautuneet enimmäkseen pohjois-amerikkalaisten toimijoiden kesken.

Raudasoja on itsekin pelinkehittäjä, ja on ollut seuraamassa Suomen peliteollisuuden kasvua pienistä indie-studioista satojen pelialan yritysten maaksi. Hän pitää IGDA:n roolia erittäin tärkeänä peliteollisuudelle, ja haluaa saada yhteisössä kuuluviin erityisesti pohjoismaista ja eurooppalaista ääntä.

“Olen varma, että monikin pelialan yritys niin Suomessa kuin ulkomaillakin on saanut alkunsa IGDA:n ansiosta. Ilman tällaista toimijaa peliteollisuus etenkin Suomessa olisi varmasti pienempi. Yhteisöt ovat erittäin tärkeitä ja IGDA on luonut näitä vuosien ajan ympäri maailman.”

Kaikki IGDA:n täysivaltaiset jäsenet voivat äänestää vaaleissa aina helmikuun loppuun asti. Neljästä nimetystä ehdokkaasta kaksi valitaan hallitukseen.

Raudasoja on paikalla helmikuun tapaamisessa 9.2. ja pitää puheenvuoron ehdokkuudestaan.

More information on the election:

Vesa's Campaign Page:

Gamedu 2016 connects devs and educators in January


January has an interesting opportunity for everyone interested in games and education: Gamedu 2016 is a seminar focused on gamification and interactive cooperation between game-related businesses and schools. The two-day event is organized by Kouvola Region Vocational College, KSAO. The goal is to enhance game industry education by connecting educators and industry talent, and reinforcing the dialogue between different operators.

IGDA members will get 10% off of the seminar price. To claim your price reduction state your membership status in the billing information section of the registration form.

Note that the main language of the seminar is Finnish.


Thursday 9:30 – 16:00


Coffee & registration


Opening words – principal Timo Olli (KSAO)


Building successful game education – game industry veteran and pedagog Juha Huhtakallio (Metropolia)



Case KSAO/Keuda: BioSampo game – lecturer Jukka Harju (KSAO)


Business-Akatemia – team leader Tiia Lappalainen (KSAO)




Game development education in Leeds and in the UK – Abu Berat (Leeds City College)


Coffee break


Peliteollisuuden tulevaisuuden osaamistarpeet – education councillor Ulla Taipale-Lehto (Opetushallitus)




Wrapping up the first day


Evening programme starts

Friday 9:00 – 14:00


Helping start-ups – teacher Patricia Toledo (Oulu Game Lab/OAMK)


Pelialan koulutus yritysten näkökulmasta – CEO Jussi Tähtinen (Nitro Games Ltd)


Coffee break


Oppimisen pelillistämisen tarpeet – game pedagog Mauri Laakso (Meillä on leikki kesken)


Pelit opetuksessa – learning developer Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä (TeacherGaming)


Wrapping up and closing the seminar


There will also be an open forum and pitching workshop, for entrepreneurs and talent to meet.

Event details

Date: 14.-15.1.2016
Venue: KSAO Liiketalous / auditorium, Salpausselänkatu 57, 45100 Kouvola
Price: 45 € (incl. 24% VAT), includes seminar and catering for both days

RSVP by 31.12.2015 at

More info: Susanna Rintala, KSAO Aikuisopisto, 020 61 56290,

Seminar attendees have a room quota reserved at two local hotels, Cumulus Kouvola and Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. Mention “GAMEDU” while making your reservations.



Northern Game Summit 1.-2.10.

This week we’ll see the return of Northern Game Summit, which is held now for the 4th time already. The action takes place in Bio Rex, Kajaani, on 1.-2.10. – only two days from now! The event will feature speakers from Finland and around the world, representing designers, producers, programmers, artists and more. Some of the speakers, like Colossal Order’s Karoliina Korppoo and Housemarque’s Ilari Kuittinen, definitely need no further introductions, but the foreign talent is not to be dismissed either: Hunter Grant (US) is an industry veteran currently working as Lead Cinematics Animator at Blizzard, Marek Rosa (CZ) and his team at Keen Software House are responsible for the hit sandbox game Space Engineers – and this is just the start of the impressive speaker list.

Besides talks, there will be partying, mingling and a game showcase on Thursday evening: the party, titled Bonus Stage, is hosted by Fingersoft and there will be an opportunity for companies and local students to show their games and meet other people in the industry.

Friday will be concluded in a panel discussion, “Everything there is to come”. The panel is hosted by Ste Curran and the panelists are Antti Seppänen, Mehdi Benkirane, Luke Savage and Tuija Lindén.

What makes this year’s event special is the NGS Mixer on Wednesday which is a chance for people in the games and film industries to get together and find opportunities for co-operation. The makers of Rendel, a Finnish action film to be released next year, will be attending. They will also take part in a panel discussion, “Games & Movies, Brothers & Sisters”, which is hosted by Kimmo Kari and other panelists including KP Hiltunen, Niklas Saari and representatives from Apollo Music.

You can get your tickets to the event from the NGS website.

Ahjo mingle on 15th March for women in games

Finnish game industry is on the threshold of hyper growth. Mentor network for women interested in game industry positions arranges Ahjo mingle on 15th March, from 6-8PM. Tia Mäki from boutique sized law firm Aldea will give a talk followed by comment from Supercell. After the talks we'll chat about open positions in games, what's needed for various positions, what's the atmosphere in game studios, what about compensations etc. After the talks it is time to mingle and network! Welcome ladies! Game industry needs you!

Event in Finnish / English.

More info / Register (ladies only):

Job satisfaction survey (by Univ. of Jyväskylä)

WELCOME TO THE SURVEY OF JOB SATISFACTION IN THE FINNISH GAME INDUSTRY: I am Tuomas Roininen, Digital Culture (MA) student from University of Jyväskylä. I am doing a research for my MA thesis based on IGDA's Quality of Life White Paper (2004) but from the point of view of Finnish game companies. The purpose of this research is to carry out a similar survey as in Quality of Life White Paper (2004). Idea of this survey is to find material for my research about the job satisfaction in the Finnish game industry. This is valid way to find issues in the industry that need fixing to better in Finland. I hope that many as possible working in the Finnish game companies would respond to the survey, so that research should be comprehensive, reliable and useful for anyone who works in the field.

The themes of the survey are: - General Satisfaction - Job Stability - Work Load - Work Organization - Job Quality

I wish that you could answer as truthfully as you can, because that is the way to find the real pittfalls of the industry and also there can be done valid conclusions. All of the survey respondents will be treated as anonymously.

Survey takes about 10 - 15 mins and it includes multiple-choice questions.

Regards, Tuomas Roininen E-mail: University of Jyväskylä Department of Arts and Culture Studies Master's Programme in Digital Culture

Thesis supervisor: Raine Koskimaa, Professor of Digital Culture

Survey is open until 17th of February 2012.