February Gathering: There's something in the air


A cold weather was to be endured as the developers found their way to Cuba Café in Helsinki on February 10th. Fortunately the good atmosphere and drinks at the venue kept people warm and cozy, showing no signs of the frisky wind outside.

This time around, 8 new visitors found their way to the event, with the total number hitting a good 99.


Alongside the friskiness the gathering had a touch of fresh air as we got to welcome new Recoil Games' developers from abroad and our guest from Denmark. Hopefully you had a good time and you'll join us again at the next event!

As a rare occurrence there were also multiple startups also interested in the general atmosphere and looking for possible business opportunities. A great night to do so as all of the biggest Finnish game companies were well represented at the scene.

The evening progressed well until the small hours of wednesday. As always, everyone seemed to have a pleasant time. It was nice to see that you don't need to be a native to survive the cold! ;-)


You can check out the rest of the snaps at the gallery or alternatively at Flickr.

Get your calendars out (or on) because the next gathering will be held at Cuba Café on March 10th! Further information will be released shortly after. See you there! ;-)