IGDA Finland October Gathering with Unity

October draws near, and so does the next IGDA Finland Gathering. This time we have organized a set of presentations for you to enjoy.

Pre-event: IGDA Finland presentations @ Bulevardi 31, Helsinki The presentations will revolve around Unity, the game development tool we all know and respect. As the launching of Unity4 approaches, we felt it appropriate to venture deeper into the mysteries of this popular software that hit 1 million registered users in April 2012. We have managed to gather an interesting line of speakers. The schedule and topics are as follows:

Speakers: Regional Sales Director Nick Jovic, Unity: Latest News Product Evangelist Russ Morris, Unity: Unity 4 Workflows -- Tips & Tricks Field Engineer Ken Noland, Unity: Inside the Tech - Hidden Gems

Damien Morello, Colossal Order:Unity Engine in a production environment Antti Lihavainen, Viope: Viope Game Programming Contest

PS. If you want to win something cool: please bring your business cards with you! We'll do a draw at the end of the Unity presentations.

Time: 9.10.2012 at 17.00-19.00 Place: Bulevardi 31, 00180 Helsinki Seminar is organized by IGDA Finland Eventbrite Event: Link  

IGDA Gathering in Bar Cuba

After the presentations it's time to indulge in cold drinks and hot topics just around the corner. The main sponsor of the October gathering is Unity. They will pamper us with drink tickets and other tangible utilities. We will also hear a few words from our other contributor GameFounders, a feisty startup accelerator that focuses on game developers. GameFounders startups will be showing their Unity projects on iPads. Can you handle so much luxury?

Bar Cuba. 7PM. Be there to share the passion with us!

IGDA Finland October Gathering Time: 9.10.2012 at 19.00 Place: Cuba Bar, Erottaja 4, Helsinki Finland

IGDA Finland & Unity special

New year started with a Unity Special on 10th of January. We organized IGDA Finland Presentations event focusing on Unity and IGDA Finland Gathering at Cuba bar was sponsored by Unity and Umbra. We have had more and more people attending both IGDA Finland Gatherings and Presentations events. Thus we are looking for bigger venues for the events. If you attended IGDA Finland Presentations event in January and would like to share your opinion about the venue, we are all ears.

At the IGDA Finland Presentations: Unity Special! we had Unity Evangelist Carl Callewaert & Sales Director Nick Jovic giving a hands on presentation of Unity. Next speakers were Sampo Lappalainen and Thomas Puha from Umbra, Finnish company specializing in rendering optimization middleware. Their presentation discussed what Umbra's technology is and does and what kind benefits it offers. A version of Umbra's technology is integrated into Unity. Thomas and Sampo gave some best practice advice on how to best take advantage of Umbra's occlusion culling in Unity. Arto Koistinen from Dicework Games shared his tips and tricks and Damien Morello (Recoil Games / Colossal Order) shared lessons learned from Rochard project. Fantastic presentations! On top of all we had a special guest star Julie Heyde from Bandello. They focus on assisting independent developers from all corners of the video game industry, providing insight and know-how in the go-to-market process. If you are indie developer and need marketing help, talk to Julie.

Slides from the presentation session & Unity show reel:

Nick from Unity sent the showreel and this message - thanks to all IGDA Volunteers and everyone who attended (over 130 persons attended Presentations event!)!

"Unity would like to say a big thank you to Sonja for organising fantastic event and to everyone who attended the presentations and Cuba Bar! It was a great pleasure to present alongside, Recoil Games, Colossal Order and Dicework Games - thank you for providing such varied and inspiring content. The organisation and popularity of IGDA Finland is certainly impressive. I can't wait for our next visit and to see you all again!"

After Presentations event we headed to Cuba where Unity and Umbra sponsored drinks. Thanks for those 185 who attended, great night!

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