IGDA Finland Gathering with Bitsquid

The season has now officially started! We had a great crowd to see what was on Bitsquid's sleeve. Johan Strömberg gave us a brief rundown on Bitsquid as a company and Niklas Frykholm followed it with extensive Bitsquid engine demo.

In case you missed the Presentation part head to http://www.bitsquid.se/ and Bitsquid GDC 2013 Showreel to see what's the fuss is all about!

See you at the next Gathering!

IGDA Finland September Gathering and Presentations with Bitsquid

Bitsquid IGDA Finland is back and we start the the new season with a kick! We have a special treat from Bitsquid as they come to Helsinki to the next IGDA Presentations to present their game engine and open up for Q&A as well as mingle afterwards.

Please take note that we start the Presentation at 18:30 and Gathering starts a bit later at 19:15!

Have a look at their showreel at http://www.youtube.com/bitsquid and gallery at http://www.bitsquid.se/gallery.html.

Bitsquid was founded in Sweden 2008 by four game industry veterans who have built a new high-end game engine from the ground up to focus on excellent multicore performance, cache friendly data layouts and advanced rendering techniques. Bitsquid is a multiple platform engine running on PCs, consoles (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360) and high end mobile devices (Android, iOS).

Spider Canyon

Render Samples

IGDA Finland Presentations - Bitsquid Engine and Q&A Time: 3.9.2013 at 18:30 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

IGDA Finland September Gathering Time: 3.9.2013 at 19:15 Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

Optional clock room service (starts at 19:00): 3€