Wargaming Party 2017 and Bus Transportation Registration

Wargaming will be sponsoring bus transportation to the Parola Tank Museum from IGDA Finland Hubs. The buses are being coordinated by your local IGDA hubs.

In order to ensure a spot on a bus please do the following:

  1. Register for the Wargaming 2017 Party on Eventbrite (registration is now closed)
  2. Once you have a ticket to the event, register for bus transportation via one of the forms below.
  3. Bus registrations are individual, you cannot reserve bus seats for multiple people.
  4. Only register if you know for sure you can attend.

Bus transportation registration is now closed.

Bus transportation is free of charge, however a small fee of 5 euros will be collected from participants in Parola and donated to the Parola Tank Museum.

More info about the Wargaming Party 2017 here: https://www.igda.fi/new-events/2017/wargaming-party-2017