Brace Yourself for Polar Bear Pitching

IGDA Finland Oulu Hub will be hosting a Polar Bear Pitching Pre-Party on February 14th at the Ilona Night Club.

The 4th annual Polar Bear Pitching event will take place in Oulu on February 15th and will attract hundreds of participants from around the world. Unlike in all other pitching competitions, Polar Bear Pitching doesn’t have a time limit. Entrepreneurs make their pitches while standing waist deep in an ice cold water on a stage carved in the frozen Baltic Sea and finalists require a special mix of focus and endurance.

The party follows a day of networking and keynote speeches at an Oulu Game Industry Meetup that will showcase the vibrant local gaming community of Oulu and Finland, as well as, connections from all over the world.

The sign-up links are coming soon, but check these links for more information: 

Oulu Game Industry Meet-up:

Polar Bear Pitching Pre-Party with IGDA Finland Oulu Hub: