IGDA Finland March Gathering with Next Games


Spring is slowly making it’s way to Finland. The weather is warming up and so are the monthly IGDA Gatherings!

Loads of guests showed up to El Jefe on Tuesday 10th March for the IGDA Finland March Gathering. Our sponsor, Next Games, brought the party to town! Thank you again for providing a free cloakroom service and drink tickets to our awesome guests.


During the “official” part of the evening Studio Head Jay Ranki told us a little about the history of Next Games but Executive Producer Sami Nurmio stole the show and had a grand surprise up his sleeve, because the crowd got to see a clip from “The Compass Point: West”, the first part of a new mobile game series from Next Games. If you would like to be a gunslinger in the Wild West, you can pick up the app for free on the App Store.


The rest of the night was spent socializing and of course talking about “The Compass Point: West”.


Thanks to everyone for a great night. We will see you again in April!