IGDA Finland September Gathering with NativeX

September Gathering welcomed us back from the summer holidays, and despite the rainy weather the atmosphere inside was as cheerful as ever. Our lovely sponsor NativeX gave us some insight into their ad technology, treated us with cool little USB phone chargers and entertained the crowd with impromptu singing. Tunes of the Moomin theme filled Adams, as everyone was encouraged to join in to sing along. I'm sure everyone can agree with me on that they sure knew how to attract people's attention!

Additionally, Patty Toledo dropped by the stage briefly to bring a cool event to our attention: BeatCon 2015, a music & games festival. Game developers, companies and producers will be offered several opportunities of workshops, lecturers and round-table discussions, with the goal of improving the game market, creating new opportunities and nurturing relationships. The event takes place in Jyväskylä on January 29-31.