IGDA Finland January Gathering

2013 is here!

It was good to meet you all after the Holidays! Surely many of you are still busy battling your way through the games you unwrapped in December, but we greatly appreciate the fact you put the adventure on pause to join us in Bar Cuba.

Our special guest was a gentleman, who visited an IGDA Finland Gathering for the first time: the mysterious WiiU himself. Our guest seemed to have a splendid time, since he did attract a lot of attention. We hope all of you who wanted to make his acquaintance had a chance to do so!

There were over a 100 visitors and twice as many interesting stories to tell. You guysalways know how to have a good time!

It is worth mentioning that we are going to have a change of scenery. The next Gathering will take place in a different venue. Let us embrace the new place and make it our own as we did with Cuba.

See you in February!