March Gathering: Remedy, Death Rally and Alan Wake

March Gathering was a double treat. Remedy's CTO Markus Mäki and LeadProgrammer Olli Tervo gave their GDC 2011 tech track presentation on "Alan Wake, the writer who made us rewrite our engine". Sulake auditorium was completely packed with over 100 attendees and for those who couldn't attend, IGDA volunteer Reina Magica kindly wrote a summary of the presentation. IGDA Finland GIRLS :D

More photos from the Gathering.

After the presentation the evening continued at the Cuba bar. Remedy together with Mountain Sheep presented the iPad version of Death Rally and provided drinks for the cheerful crowd. This was another IGDA Finland Gathering in a row where there was over 200 attendees (224 to be exact!). WOW! Mad crazy! Networking is all good and great to see people interested in sharing and learning within Finnish game industry.

Besides the great gathering there is certainly a lot to buzz about Death Rally, a month ago Bugbear announced they are doing Ridge Racer Unbounded! Also recently more information on Rochard (Recoil) and Outland (Housemarque) have been made available and Get Outta my Galaxy (Ookoohko) was released - so lots of things are happening.

Next time we'll experience something new at the IGDA Finland Gathering. Finnish game startup Uplause will bring their massively multiplayer audience game to Cuba. The invitation is coming out shortly! Stay tuned and save the date: April the 5th!