Introducing IGDA Finland's New Advisory Board

A message from Jyri ‘Jay’ Ranki of Remedy Chair of IGDA Finland's Advisory Board:
As announced sometime ago IGDA Finland has a new Advisory Board.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share with those interested the whys and hows of the IGDA Finland Advisory Board.
Our chapter's lead coordinator Sonja Kangas, chair of our previous advisory board Lasse Seppänen and myself had a conversation where we agreed that we should re-invigorate the advisory board with some fresh blood and get it going again after a long passive period.

When doing so, we felt strongly about following guiding principles: - Affiliate studios should be well represented in the advisory board - All board members should be active contributors, this should not be some sort of status thing - We need a clear mission statement for the advisory board that supports the mission statement of the chapter itself to give it purpose and focus

For those of you who haven't been actively following, here’s the full list of the new Advisory Board:

Jyri ‘Jay’ Ranki, Remedy (chair) Osma Ahvenlampi, Sulake Elina Arponen, Tribe Studios Tuomo Lehtinen, Rovio Koopee Hiltunen, Neogames Ville ’Wili’ Miettinen, Lots

The studio affiliates are represented through Elina from Tribe Studios, Tuomo from Rovio and myself from Remedy. Osma and Sulake have been chapter’s close partners in organizing the presentation events and we all know Koopee and his important work to further Finnish game industry as a whole. Wili represents continuity as he was part of the previous board as well. Wili and Koopee also represent links to organizations we want to have closer cooperation with, namely Siggraph and  ‘Suomen Pelinkehittäjät Ry’.
In order to focus the work of the advisory board we agreed on a mission statement:
The mission of the IGDA Finland Advisory Board is to help the chapter remain one of the most active IGDA chapters in the world by advising and supporting the chapter coordinators.

The following are examples of activities the advisory board will be doing: - Help lead coordinator find funding when needed - Provide suggestions for presentation topics and help secure speakers through their contacts - Offer ideas for new initiatives lead coordinator to consider - Act as a sounding board for the lead coordinator's new ideas

This mission statement will be found on the 'About Us' section of the website in near future.
As our first act, we revisited the chapter mission statement a bit by expanding the definition of "people under the chapter's banner" to include developers working in industries closely related to game development. This slightly revised mission statement should soon be up on 'About Us' - page as well.