IGDA Finland Goes Tampere - the journey there and back

IGDA Finland went to Tampere and what can I say… It was a BLAST! GREAT! HECTIC! TASTY! FUN! Over 200 people joined the party at Jack the Rooster bar, IGDA Finland's home-away-from-home. We had a "Transfluent sponsored" bus full of people from Helsinki. Also all sorts of vehicles reached Tampere from the directions of Pori, Outokumpu and Jyväskylä on 4th of October. Tampere game development scene, Neogames and Uusi Tehdas welcomed us warmly. We had everything from free ice cream to Ernest Adams' talk, accompanied with spicy food, sponsored drinks and great company!

Tampere game development scene sure is growing. The following companies were sponsoring the evening: Imgsystems, Autodesk, Musta-Pekka, Colossal Order, Kyy Games, Traplight Games, InnoGiant, Prank Entertainment and 10Tons and Transfluent from Helsinki. Give these people a big hand!

For those who weren't there: here's is a quick introduction to Tampere game development scene. Better take a good look at these names to be sure you at least know what hit you!

10tons - founded in 2003. Develops casual quality games for several platforms. Next big thing is Azkend 2 to be released at the end of the year!

Tampere-based Innogiant is a small studio concentrating on game-porting and other contracting services. Innogiant is focusing fully on technological contracting services. Their latest project was the Windows Phone 7 version of the popular Angry Birds game by Finnish Rovio.

PRANK is an independent game developer of ambitious SPACE-MONKEYS sharing years of experience in the industry. The team of (house)trained primates has a long track record of games developed for world famous brands and globally leading publishers of the 21st century, but most importantly, they are passionate gamers.

Colossal Order Ltd is an independent game development studio located in Tampere, Finland. Founded in 2009 by experienced developers and serious fans of the genre, the company focuses on original IP strategy and simulation games for PC platform. Colossal Order released their first title Cities in Motion early 2011.

Kyy Games is a company specializing in iPhone/iPad and other mobile games and applications. We are located in Tampere, Finland.

Traplight Games focuses on iOS games and has released The Hero for iPhone.

Imgsystems is software and system expert for creative industry. The core activity is to deliver best possible software and platforms from artists to production environments.


Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

Helsinki based Transfluent offers fully-automated service of effortless, near real-time professional translation to social media feeds and websites. They just won MindTrek Grand Prix 2011!

All Tampere photos can be browsed here!

Thanks everyone for coming and see you on November the 8th!