IGDA Finland: February Excitement!

A record crowd, a world premiere, and other exciting stuff! By all accounts Tuesday's (Feb. 8th)  IGDA Finland Feb. Gathering was a smash hit. Digital Chocolate introduced its new Facebook game titled "Zombie Lane" to a record crowd of approx. 230 people. The game which will first be introduced as a closed release in Finland only will be released worldwide sometime in March.  Those that were in attendance will be given exclusive first access to the game so stay tuned for more details! Super big thanks to Digital Chocolate for sponsoring the evening.

Also announced at the event were the winners of the Finnish Game Jam. The top spot went to Snobli Run from Kajaani. Congrats to them! Jammers favorite also was awarded to Snobli Run and the Best Windows 7 Phone game award went to Omniludens from Tampere! Congrats!  And special thanks to all that participated in the Global Game Jam!

In other exciting news, Bugbear has announced that it is working on the much anticipated Ridge Racer Unbound. If you haven't seen the trailer watch it here. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Another important piece of information. The story has come around that Mr.Goodliving will be shutting down after 10 plus years of operating in Finland. Mr.Goodliving was purchased back in 2005 by Real Network and apparently the company had been making money so the closure came as a complete surprise. IGDA Finland wishes the guys there all the best in their future endeavors.

Finally IGDA Finland would also like to thank the visitors  from Tampere and Turku for joining us on Tuesday.