Whooo-Yeaaaah! “The Best IGDA ever!”

The first IGDA Finland Gathering in 2010 was held on 12th of January. Even if it was freezing cold outside, Café Cuba provided cozy warmth indoors. The beginning of a year has typically been a bit quieter compared to the fall season. So it was also in January 2010. Instead of 150 persons we had just little over 70 persons joining the IGDA party. Then again we all know that it is not about the number of people but the explosive atmosphere! Besides having good time (special thanks to Eevi Korhonen for the great kick off! :D) – and goofing, also business and networking wise the evening was a good one. New contacts were made and potential partnerships started. Thank you everyone for the great party! Whooo-yeeaaaah!

More photos from the event: Igda Finland photo archive.

The Finnish Game Jam crew was also present promoting the first Finnish Game Jam! The 48 hours Jam session will start already on 29th January! It is not yet too late to join the fun!

"Amazing weekend of game jamming is approaching! You have still some time to register to the event which will be participated from 129 locations and 37 countries! The registration to Finnish Game Jam is in process and continues until 25th of January, 16:00. The weekend is surely an unforgettable experience. Do not miss your chance to be a part of it!"

Hop on by registering here: http://finnishgamejam.fi/registration