November Gathering Approaching!

November's Gathering is quickly approaching. Two weeks out there is already a certain anticipation and excitement in the air.  With Santa Claus (who lives in Finland ;D) and Christmas coming closer our Gatherings are the sure place to be.  As always Cuba at 19:00 Nov. 9th is the perfect environment to be in if you are working in or around the industry and you want to enjoy the company of like-minded colleagues. As more details emerge about what exactly games and other activities that will be found at the event we will let you know.  At least take comfort in the fact that Super Mario Bros, Turtles and/or Contra are sure to be there. :)

See you there!

Also see earlier post about IGDA Finland Presentations: Funding and Investments taking place right before the Gathering.

IGDA FINLAND NOVEMBER GATHERING Place: Cuba Bar, Erottajankatu 4, 00120 Helsinki (Map) Time: Tuesday, 9th of November, doors open at 19:00