IGDA Presentations and Gathering Recap

If you happened to miss last week's events, don't worry! Here is a recap to keep you in the loop. With several companies presenting their cases on what they look for in investments and 85 audience members IGDA Finland Presentations: Funding and Investments was by all means a highly informative and engaging event. Among other topics discussed, all the companies shared some common insight on what they look for in an investment case:  a talented, diverse and committed team, and a strong, scalable business plan.

Notably there was also mention of how initial funding provides a way for companies to move forward quickly on projects, for example spending on R&D and outsourcing, and keeping the local team focused on what they are best at doing.  On top of that it was also suggested that an outside board member could bring expertise from the financial and IP realm that would add value to the company.

If you haven't watched the archived footage of the presentation here is a brief summary of how the 4 funding companies provide assistance to growing companies : Mediatonic provides funding to game companies that allows them to keep their intellectual property rights;  TEKES supports R&D and innovation; Veraventure is a seed fund company; and Nexit is a venture capital company focusing on mobile technology.

After the presentations IGDA Finland had another stellar Gathering at Cuba. 128 people showed up to beat out the typical chilly rain-soaked Finnish outdoors. The feelings were high and the party was kickin.

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So if you are looking to make connections in the industry or would just like to have a chat with a fellow colleague in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, don't worry our next Gathering is only weeks away.

News Flash! IGDA Finland's annual Pikujoulu (Christmas Party) is currently being organized. Make sure you stop back later for updates as this is sure to be another exceptional IGDA Finland event.