September Gathering: The future of gaming according to Everyplay and drinks!

[Fanfare] It is time for IGDA Finland season start! Everyplay will talk about game development for social network services, show Kamu World community and offer some drinks. Wohoo! IGDA Finland Game League will start, too. The game league will be run by Mr. Kari Perho at the back of the bar. Kari will give you more detailed information about the league at the September gathering. On top of all - we will have special price drawing going on later in the evening. See you at Cuba on Tuesday September the 8th!

IGDA FINLAND SEPTEMBER GATHERING Place: Cuba Bar, Erottajankatu 4, 00120 Helsinki (map: Time: Tuesday, 8th of September, doors open at 19:00

In June IGDA Finland wanted to thank our volunteers by providing movie theater gaming. Sello Bio Rex was all ours from 11PM until next morning. NES, PS3 and Xbox 360 games were impressive on big screens and people enjoyed the experience so much that we'll organize another session this fall. This time we might have 3D-gaming as well! If you want to attend, follow to learn more.

IGDA Finland staff joined several games related events also in August. IGDA Finland was well represented at Assembly 09. We didn’t have any special IGDA agenda at the event but enjoyed quality demos, music and graphics compos. Also we started collaborating with Jolly Dragon, the organizer of Social Gaming nights. Their concept is to bring gaming to the pubs and show that gaming is social and fun. Social Gaming nights take place at Willi Wäinö every Tuesday, starting at 7PM. So far gaming has mainly focused on Nintendo Wii games and poker. Follow

Social Gaming Facebook group if you want to know more.

At the end of August IGDA Finland organized a picnic at Sinebrychoff Park. That was the first time for such outdoor activity and we learned good lessons.

Lesson nr. 1: weather-wise it is too risky to organize a picnic at the end of August. Lesson 2: We need a bigger flag! It had been raining for the most of the week so the grass was soaking wet. Instead of sitting on the puddle, we moved the picnic to the benched at the side of the park. And there we have it - lesson 3: don’t pick a spot which is famous for being a drunkards place. It was totally ok except that it totally changed the atmosphere from picnic chill out to shady hangout. The rest of the evening was well spent at Punavuoren Ahven. Despite of bad luck with the weather, we had a blast - thanks to all who joined us!

We have learned our lessons and will organize IGDA Finland picnic also next summer. Yes, earlier in the summer, with sunny weather, super cool canopy, music and huge IGDA flag :)