September Gathering: Social break for game industry enthusiasts

IGDA Finland season 2009-2010 start focused on gaming in social networks. Social gaming, free drinks and top quality discussions attracted 149 visitors to the September Gathering. The evening was sponsored by Everyplay -- the same company that sponsored IGDA Gathering almost a year ago. The CEO of Everyplay, Jussi Laakkonen reminded us that last time his message regarding Everyplay's recruitment needs apparently did not reach the audience but the message is still the same. If you are interested in working with social gaming and/or social networks -- get in touch with Everyplay.

Everyplay is currently working on Kamu World which can be found at Facebook. Kamu is still under development and Everyplay is also starting other projects. There is plenty of room for new entrepreneurs as the genre of social network games is still far for being totally defined and settled.

Besides Everyplay there are lots of interesting activities going on in Finnish game development scene. The editor-in-chief of Pelaaja (Player) magazine, Thomas Puha shortly introduced September issue of the magazine which is focusing on Finnish game studios. There articles cover for example RedLynx which is doing very well with Trials HD and gives a snapshot of game studios like Inaria Interactive, Farmind and Pixolane representing Northern Finland.

A bit different social activity -- IGDA Finland Game League started operating as well. IGDA Finland Game League will bring hottest DS, PSP, mobile and board games for people who want to play some games during the evening. More information will be available through site. Look for "IGDA Finland Game League" sign if you want to join the fun!

Get a sense of the IGDA vibe though the photos and see you next time!

The next event will be on 6th of October, see you all at Cuba (Erottaja, Helsinki)!