October Gathering: More good times at Cuba Cafe

Cheerful group of game developers gathered once again to Cuba Café. In October 112 attendees joined the Gathering. Finnish game companies are doing nicely despite the slight economic downturn. Still bad news from Sulake, the company behind Habbo Hotel, definitely was the topic of the evening. There was a constant flow of people through the evening and besides Sulake discussions went around Nordic Game applications. Many have applied development funds from Nordic Game Program and hopefully more than few will get some. More about that in December! During last spring and this fall we have had an interesting trend in the attendance records. Every month we get new visitors, warmly welcome! We have also increasing number of anonymous visitors. Why is that? Don't people want to be informed (aka to be in the mailing list) or do they prefer other channels like Facebook to keep on track of what's up within Finnish Game Development scene? If anyone is willing to open up your reasoning for anonymity, I would be very interested to hear.

We have also got feedback that you like IGDA Finland Presentations sessions but there could also be more something to do and play at the bar. We hear you and have already done some improvements. IGDA Finland Game League is slowly starting and it is basically up to you what you would like it to be. If you have good ideas and suggestions talk to the main organized Kari Perho! Also we are inviting all game studios to present their games at the Gatherings. We can organize playing sessions, short presentations, surveys, discussions... again it is up to you what you would like IGDA events to be like! Please contribute :)

We have had very good start of the season. We hope to see many of you again at the Presentations and at Cuba Cafe on 17th of November. We will have kick-ass program for you!

igda_oct09 Here are more good moments from October Gathering.